Auction Watcher - a real time solution to watching an auction conclude.

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At a live auction you get to watch the closing bids pile in. Now, with our free utility, you can get closer to the real deal...

Ever since the introduction of bidder sniping tools, most bids on eBay auctions occur in the closing 30 seconds. Its great to watch the price rise with these 'sniper bids' and that is exactly what the Auction Watcher allows you to do. Its fully automated to work with,, Yahoo, Amazon, uBid, eBid and ZDNet auction items.




Click on the 'Open Remote Control' button below, and a Remote Control window will pop up, together with a new browser window to view the auction item that you choose.

In the Remote Control, simply enter the item number of the auction and select which site it is listed on from the drop down menu provided. Then press the 'Refresh Now' button. You'll see the auction page load in the new browser window.

You can then set the automatic refresh rate (in seconds), then press 'Start Timer' and sit back and watch the page load repeatedly at the interval you specified, until you press 'Stop Timer'.

Note: If you find that the auction page is not displaying completely, then the refresh rate is too low. The minimum recommended refresh rate for a 56kbs internet connections is 10 seconds. The Remote Control may take a moment to load, the first time that you use it, please be patient.

Auction Watcher - a real time solution to watching an auction conclude.
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