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Last updated 11th March 2004

Our Privacy Policy

We ask that site visitors forward spoof email or scams that they have received, to us by email.


We maintain a mailing list to notify our site users of new postings of Scams at

As a consequence we adhere to the following policy with regards the use of your email address in those instances:

1 If you communicate with us by email (including contributing spoof email or scams), we will NOT share, sell or publish that email address. Neither will that email address be added to any mailing list, unless you specifically request in writing to be added to any such mailing list.

2 If you have requested to be placed on our Scam/Hoax Alert Service, your email address will only be used by us, and to notify you when we publish images and/or reports of email or web page scams. We may, from time to time, include links and text concerning related material or offers from other sites who have corresponding or related content, or to which we are affiliated.

3 For security purposes, we do NOT store these email addresses in the 'address book' of any email program.

4 For security purposes, we may from time to time request confirmation that you still wish to remain on any list..

5 You may remove your email address from the Scam/Hoax Alert service at any time by either:

a. using the link provided at the base of each Scam/Hoax Alert email that we send to you or;

b. sending a blank email with "REMOVE" written in the Subject line to (this must be sent from the email address that you wish to be removed). Once your request is received, your email address is DELETED from the Scam or Hoax Alert list.

6 This policy is NOT applied to any content contained within an original spoof email scam (such as the origin of the scam or the origin of forged web pages).

We maintain access logs pertaining to visitors to our site...

7 We maintain access logs of all visits to our site. These access logs do not contain or store any personal information. The data includes such things as the visitors IP address and/or referring IP address, date, time and software versions and which is the same data that is transmitted to all servers by all computers that connect to them. This data is stored securely and is used for web site analysis and to trace abuse of our site and any of its facilities and/or content.

The only exception - LAW ENFORCEMENT

8 We may provide law enforcement agencies with any material which we consider to contravene any UK criminal law together with any information which we may have about its origin or publisher. Notwithstanding that we will surrender any information legally demanded upon a legal warrant which is legally presented by any law enforcement agency within the UK.


9 We will send a notification of any revision to this policy, upon publication, to all email addresses on our Scam or Hoax Alert list. We will also include the full text of this policy within such notification together with a link to this page.


10 We may employ the use of cookies, which may be used for maintaining user preferences while browsing and security measures. Any data concerning these cookies is private and will not be shared or sold. You do not need to accept any cookie from this site to view its public pages.

if you have any queries concerning this policy, please email us at

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Privacy Policy.
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