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At we have the internet's biggest archive of spoof email and phishing scams from the last few years. Here you will find a selection of the most popular scams we have encountered.

We are currently storing ALL scam reports with our HoneyTrap database which is now available for commercial license. We currently hold 2555908 scams in this database. Click here for information on the database.

Please note the most recent scams are listed on the home page. It is also recommended you search for a specific scam, rather than trawling through the archives!

Note: This site has been recently redesigned, so a lot of our older reports are in a different format to our current recent ones.

ARCHIVE: March 2005 - May 2019

100 reports:

Wachovia Bank 11th June 2006
xxx : Wachovia / SouthTrust registration

"At Wachovia the greatest responsability to our customer
is the safekeeping of confidential information you have
entrusted to us and using it in a responsable manner.

Prosperity Bank 11th June 2006
Prosperity Bank Notification: Account Compromised By
Outside Parties

"We regret to inform you that we had to lock your
Prosperity Bank access because we have reasons to
believe that your account may have been compromised by
outside parties.

World Savings 12th June 2006
Account Information

"Due to recent fraudulent activities on some of World
Savings online accounts we are launching a new
security system to make World Savings online
accounts more secure and safe.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. 12th June 2006
Message 77627348 IMPORTANT: Account Verification
(JPMorgan Chase Bank)

"Click here to update your online account."

Chase Bank 12th June 2006
Official notification from Chase Bank

"Previous notifications have been sent to the Billing
Contact assigned to this account.

St.George Banking Corporation 12th June 2006
Your Bill Payment was successfully processed.

"Your Bill Payment from your Cheque Account to GE

eBay 12th June 2006
Message from eBay Member Regarding Item

"eBay sent this message to you from Michael Stevens
(avidair) .

Barclays Bank 12th June 2006
Account Warning

"This is a warning message:"

Lloyds TSB Bank 13th June 2006
Lloyds TSB Security Update

"*This message was transferred with a trial version of
CommuniGate(tm) Pro*

WAMU 13th June 2006
Your E-mail Address Has Changed

"To ensure that messages from Washington Mutual are
delivered to your inbox, please set your personal
e-mail filter to accept e-mail from

Barclays 13th June 2006
Barclays security important alert!

"Due to the dramatic increase in cases of online banking
fraud, we took certain measures with the purpose of
increasing the security level which will allow to
keep your funds in perfect safety.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. 13th June 2006
Your Chase Online session is no longer active. Please
sign on again.

"We recently reviewed your account, and suspect that
your Chase Bank account may have been accessed by an
unauthorized third party.

eBay 13th June 2006
eBay Account - Confirm your billing information

"If you do not update your billing information's your
access on eBay will be restricted and the user deleted.

Wells Fargo Bank 13th June 2006
You Must Update Your Account Information

"We Have Noticed That Your Wells Fargo Online Bank
Account Needs To Be Updated,...

eBay 14th June 2006
Question From eBay Member Helen31 on item:6436472319

"Hello , I have bid on your item , can you please
contact me and tell me how much is shipping to zip code
92110 ?

eBay 14th June 2006
Question from eBay Member

"Thanks for your second chance offer."

Chase Bank 14th June 2006
SAM SCHOLL : Chase Bank registration

"At Chase Bank the greatest responsability to our
customer is the safekeeping of confidential information
you have entrusted to us and using it in a responsable

JPMorgan Chase & Co. 14th June 2006
Update not complete, your account will be suspend on
March 3, 2006 !

"At Chase Bank, we want to increase your security and
comfort level with every transaction.

Barclays 14th June 2006
Barclays Customer Care (Online Banking Upgrade)

"Failure to confirm your membership details will suspend
you from accessing your banking online.

Chartway Federal Credit Union 14th June 2006
Important Security Notification !!!

"Chartway Federal Credit Union is devoted to keeping a
safe environment for its community of consumers and

MBNA 15th June 2006
Urgent Security Notification Thu, 15 Jun 2006 07:28:40

"The MBNA Europe Technical Department is performing a
scheduled software upgrade to improve the quality of
the banking services.

PayPal 15th June 2006
Your Payment Has Been Sent To

"This email confirms that you have paid USAELECTORNICS
( $429.99 USD using PayPal.

eBay 15th June 2006
Non Paying Bidder Alert Nr.3

"You are a bad person and you deserve this."

PayPal 15th June 2006
Please Restore Your Account Access

"Your PayPal account has been limited!"

PayPal 15th June 2006
xxx, You Got 189.95$ back

"PayPal must repay 4823 members including you the amount
of 189.95$ .

AOL 15th June 2006
* * Rectify Online Email Account * *

"During one of our regular automatic verification
procedures we encountered a technical problem caused by
the fact that we could not verify the information that
you provided during registration.

PayPal 16th June 2006
Notification of Limited Account Access

"During a recent screening, we noticed an issue
regarding your account.

Bank Of America 16th June 2006
Important Notice From Bank Of America

"Please click link below to verify your information:"

MBNA 16th June 2006
Dear Valued MBNA Customer

"Because of the changes in the structure of the MBNA
Online Banking, we have to compare your personal
information with the ones stored in our database.

PayPal 16th June 2006
Resolution Center: Your account is limited. (Your case
ID for this reason is PP-141-663-845.)

"Resolution Center: Your account is limited."

eBay 16th June 2006
Message from eBay member

"Question from keppppp"

Chase 16th June 2006
Account ID 05188806 IMPORTANT: Client's Details

"Chase sent this message to member of Chase."

PayPal 17th June 2006
Verify your payment to

"This email confirms that you have paid vector2ny
( $215.85 USD using PayPal.

Androscoggin Bank 17th June 2006

"Androscoggin Bank is opening a system where you must
change your password weekly fore more security .

PayPal 17th June 2006
Account Notification

"Due to the attacks to our database last month, we are
required to rebuild our system integrity.

Barclays 17th June 2006
(no subject)

"Ensure that you are logging onto a genuine Barclays
site and not being duped by scam emails.

PayPal 17th June 2006
PayPal Account Security Measures!

"Once you have updated your account records, your PayPal
session will not be interrupted and will continue as

eBay 17th June 2006
eBay Daily Status : 318065457

"eBay sent this message to xxx.;(member)."

Chase Bank 18th June 2006
Message ID 73908 IMPORTANT: Urgently update account.

"This is your official notification from Bank Of Chase
that the service(s) listed below will be deactivated
and deleted if not renewed immediately.

Barclays Bank 18th June 2006
Account Expire Notification.

"In order to keep it active, and to resolve this problem
please use the link below to proceed and restore your

eBay 18th June 2006
Message from eBay Member

"About This Member"

PayPal 18th June 2006
Security Upgrade Available

"Be sure to log in as soon as possible."

PayPal 18th June 2006
PayPal Notification: Unauthorized Use of Your PayPal

"The security questions and answers for your PayPal
account were changed on Feb. 23, 2006.

AOL 18th June 2006
AOL Billing Center *** SECOND NOTICE ***

"America Online Billing Services."

eBay 19th June 2006
NOTICE: eBay Obligatory Verifying - Credit Card
Authorization Failure

"Your card will not be charged unless you authorize us
to do so to pay selling fees but it assures us of your
identity and keeps eBay a safe place to buy and sell.

eBay 19th June 2006
Your billing information record is expired

"Your billing information record is expired; possible
cause of such, is inability of accessing your online
information through the bank.

PayPal 19th June 2006
Paypal Security Measures

"As a part of our security measures:"

Lloyds TSB 19th June 2006
Lloyds TSB Account Information Update

"It has come to our attention that your Lloyds TSB
account information needs to be updated as part of our
continuing commitment to protect your account and to
reduce the instance of fraud on our website.

North Fork Bank 19th June 2006
Update account information

"North Fork Bank is constantly working to ensure
security by regularly screening the accounts in our

HSBC Bank 19th June 2006
Please verify your online transfer

"Thank you for using the HSBC Bank Online Transfer® -

PULSE EFT 20th June 2006
PULSE EFT Alerts! Electronic Fund Transfer

"You recently scheduled a payment from your PULSE Debit
card account.

Barclays 20th June 2006
Barclays security alert!

"More and more illegal operations took place with
Barclays Bank accounts during last months.

PayPal 20th June 2006
PayPal Notification: Posibile Account Theft

"However, You will need to update some of your records
in our Resolution center if not will result account

America Online 20th June 2006
Last Notice!!!

"As the Internet and information technology enable us to
expand our services, we are committed to maintaining
the trust customers have placed in us for protecting
the privacy and security of information we have about

America Online 20th June 2006
Last Notice!!!

"You have received this email because we have strong
reason to believe that your account had been recently

HSBC Bank 20th June 2006
Your Default IP Address Confirmation is Still Pending

"HSBC Bank PLC is committed to protecting you with the
latest technology to keep your details secure.

PayPal 21st June 2006
Payment confirmation for StarbucksStore

"This email confirms that you have a pending payment to
Starbucks ( $119.88 USD using

eBay 21st June 2006
eBay Unpaid Item Response Reminder: #9677126875

"According to eBay's records, you have not yet responded
to xyzstones's notification regarding your payment for
item 7610922620,...

Ohio Savings Bank 21st June 2006
Urgent Notification

"Ohio Savings Bank's credit card website has been
upgraded You will need to re-enroll your Ohio
Savings Bank credit card account to gain access to
these changes.

Ohio Savings Bank 21st June 2006
Take This $20 Reward Survey

"You have been chosen by our online department to
take part in this quick and easy 5 question survey.

PayPal 21st June 2006
Card/Debit Update

"your online experience and renew"

NAFCU 21st June 2006

"We are currently trying to upgrade our on-line security

University of Utah F.C.U. 22nd June 2006
University of Utah F.C.U. - Service Notification

"This is your official notification from University of
Utah F.C.U. that the service(s) listed below will
be deactivated and deleted if not renewed immediately.

Barclays Bank 22nd June 2006
Barclays IBank Fraud Notice

"Click Here to Begin"

Nationwide 22nd June 2006
Nationwide Internet Banking Account Update Alert

"We recently have determined that different computers
have logged into your Nationwide Bank account, and
multiple pass Number and memorable data failures were
present before the logons.

HSBC Bank 22nd June 2006
Update Your Account

"HSBC Bank Plc is constantly working toward security for
all online banking users.

Bank Of America 22nd June 2006
Regarding Your Bank of America ® Account

"We have noticed that you experienced trouble logging
into Bank of America Online Banking.

Capital One Bank 22nd June 2006
Confirm your Capital One account status

"Due to recent fraudulent activities on some of Capital
One online accounts we are launching a new
security system to make Capital One online accounts
more secure and safe.

PayPal 23rd June 2006
Account Authentication Required!

"In order to continue to use our service, we require you
to provide PayPal with a number of forms of
identification as further described and protected in
our Privacy Policy.

North Fork Bank 23rd June 2006

"Renew Now your North Fork Bank Bill Pay Services."

Llyods TSB Bank 23rd June 2006
Verify Your Account Informations

"We appreciate your support and understanding our bank
method, to keep Llyods Bank a safe method.

Nationwide 23rd June 2006

"Nationwide Building Society technical services
department is carrying out a scheduled software upgrade
to improve the quality of services for our customers.

eBay 23rd June 2006
FIP NOTICE: eBay Registration Suspension - User
Agreement - Abusing eBay

"To avoid suspension you are required to verify your
eBay account by following the link below :

Indiana University Credit Unio 23rd June 2006
New Message from Indiana University Credit Union

"We recently noticed one or more attempts to log in your
Indiana University Credit Union online banking account
from a foreign IP address and we have reasons to
believe that your account was hijacked by a third party
without your authorization.

Shazam 24th June 2006
RE: Alert message 0174183

"Please note that this is a system generated email;
please do not reply to this email because it won't
reach us.

VISA 24th June 2006
VISA Bank Account is fraudulent and it will be

"Your Credit Union Credit Card ( Debit ) will be blocked
in 24h

Wachovia Bank 24th June 2006
Update And Confirm Your Online Banking Access.

"We've upgraded our new SSL servers to serve our
customers for a better and secure banking
service,against any fraudulent activities.

Flagstar Bank 24th June 2006
Unauthorized access to your Flagstar Bank account

"We recently noticed one, or more attempts to log into
your Flagstar Bank online banking account from a
foreign IP address and we have reasons to believe that
your account was hijacked by a third party without your

eBay 24th June 2006
If you agree with this E-mail please Become an eBay
Power Seller within 24 hours!

"We are proud to recognize their contributionsto the
success of the eBay Community!

eBay 24th June 2006
Question from eBay member

"eBay sent this message to you from Stanley Muller
(computer*outlet) .

EDS Credit Union 25th June 2006
Credit Union Suspend Information -

"In order to maintain the safety and integrity of our
EDS Credit Union community, we have issued the
following warning.

Educational Systems Federal Cr 25th June 2006
Important message regarding your Bill-Pay deactivation

"This is your official notification from Educational
Systems Employees Federal Credit Union that the
service(s) listed below will be deactivated and deleted
if not renewed immediately.

PayPal 25th June 2006
Review Your Account

"PayPal has developed a new ANTI-Fraud system which is
currently five times (500%) more efficient than the old
one, transactions will be more secure and your PayPal
account will be completely safe from online threats.

Chase Bank 25th June 2006

"Before we can make it active and safe, we would be
checking all Chase Bank Online accounts to confirm the
authenticity of the holder.

eBay 25th June 2006
Question for item #9743781697 - Samsung 42 High
Definition Plasma TV ATSC HPR4252

"Question from beyondplasma"

Vision Federal Credit Union 25th June 2006
New Message from VISIONS F.C.U. #REF-ID:79053430

"This is your official notification from Vision FCU that
the service(s) listed below will be deactivated and
deleted if not renewed immediately.

CUNA 26th June 2006
Notification from CUNA

"Due to recent phising attack and identity theft
associated with them we have temporary deactivated your
Credit Card.

Ohio Savings Bank 26th June 2006
Urgent Notification

"Simply enter your card number in the
Authentication box and follow the prompts and within
3 days the new features will be enabled.

North Fork Bank 26th June 2006
Restore your account with us

"We have encountered fraudulent activities on a number
of North Fork on-line banking accounts.

eBay 26th June 2006
Message From eBay Member

"Question from"

eBay 26th June 2006
Update Your eBay Profile

"To confirm your identity go to Security and Resolution

HSBC Bank 26th June 2006
HSBC Alert! Online Banking Access Blocked

"Our Online banking security Team has observed multiple
logons on your account, from Different Blacklisted IP's
that is why we are Issuing this security warning.

Indiana University Employees F 27th June 2006
Unauthorized Access

"To protect your Indiana University Employees Federal
Credit Union Internet Banking account from
unauthorized access, we have set limit of failed

Chase 27th June 2006
Message 156984 Client's Details Confirmation (Chase
Manhattan Bank)

"We won't require your ATM PIN number for this operation"

Natwest 27th June 2006
Account Ownership® Verification

"Due to concerns, for the safety and integrity of your
Natwest account, we have issued this warning message.

AOL 27th June 2006
Credit Card Declined Notice

"We recently attended to charge you$25.90 for your
unlimited cycle use plan and your credit card issuer
denied payment to our billing system.

PayPal 27th June 2006
Accounts Update

"In accordance to our Terms of Agreement, we have
decided to verify our members account information and
billing statement.

eBay 27th June 2006
Change Email Notice

"eBay sent this message to ."

eBay 28th June 2006
We regret to inform you that your eBay account could be

"To resolve this problem simply re-enter your correct
information to validate your account.

PayPal 28th June 2006
Quarterly Statement Notice

"This e-mail is the notification of PayPal Become One
With eBay.