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We rely on internet users around the world to send us the spoof emails and phishing scams they receive on a daily basis.

Please note that due to the sheer volume of email we receive, we very rarely get to reply to them or thank their senders. Rest assured that we are extremely grateful for every email we receive, and each one is another weapon in our fight against the fraudsters.

If you are not sure whether a email you've received is a scam, first try a search on our site, then check our f.a.q. page. If you're still not sure, send a copy to the company/institution it supposedly came from, and ask them.

If in doubt, it's probably a scam!

If you have a specific question, please contact us.

To submit a scam to us:

  1. Read our Term & Conditions/Privacy Policy below and make sure you are happy with our policies. Read all sections carefully!

  2. Do not attach the scam email as an attachment to the email you send to us. A good old simple forwarded email is all thats required.

  3. Do not add extra comments in your forwarded emails. DO NOT WRITE FOR EXAMPLE: "Here is a forwarded scam, yours, John Smith". Just forward the email without additional comments. These additional comments and your name may become part of a published scam syndicated throughout the internet. Extra comments also distort the operations of our automatic phishing detection scripts. This is your responsibility!

  4. Please add our email address to your address book so you can forward every scam you ever receive to us. Every scam is looked at and recorded. Your forwarded scams help the entire internet community.

  5. Forward the scam email to

    Please do not send other email or questions to this address, as it will not be answered.


We ask that site visitors forward spoof email or scams that they have received, to us, by email.

As a consequence we adhere to the following policy with regards the use of your email address in those instances:

1. If you communicate with us by email (including contributing spoof email or scams), we will NOT share, sell or publish that email address. Neither will that email address be added to any mailing list, unless you specifically request in writing to be added to any such mailing list.

2. Certain scam emails contain data or information that could reveal the identity of the original recipient. When reporting these scams we take every effort to ensure that this personal information is not reproduced in any way. Should such data be accidentally reproduced, we ask that you contact us immediately so we can remove it from the site.

3. Your forwarded reports and your personal information may be revealed on databases we compile for third party organisations. These organisations are largely trusted international banks, academic and governemental organisations. We do everything in our power to strip your personal information from your forwarded reports but we cannot guarantee that this information may not end up as part of data provided to third parties.

4. We maintain access logs of all visits to our site. These access logs do not contain or store any personal information. The data includes such things as the visitors IP address and/or referring IP address, date, time and software versions, which is the same data that is transmitted to all servers by all computers that connect to them. This data is stored securely and is used for web site analysis and to trace abuse of our site and any of its facilities and/or content.

The only exception - LAW ENFORCEMENT

5. We may provide law enforcement agencies with any material which we consider to contravene any UK criminal law together with any information which we may have about its origin or publisher. Notwithstanding that we will surrender any information legally demanded upon a legal warrant which is legally presented by any law enforcement agency within the UK.

if you have any queries concerning this policy, please email