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At we have the internet's biggest archive of spoof email and phishing scams from the last few years. Here you will find a selection of the most popular scams we have encountered.

We are currently storing ALL scam reports with our HoneyTrap database which is now available for commercial license. We currently hold 2526634 scams in this database. Click here for information on the database.

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ARCHIVE: March 2005 - February 2019

100 reports:

Abbey 14th December 2007
OnLine Account Access Suspended Temporarily

"Internet Banking Security Alert"

Natwest 14th December 2007

"Dear Nawest Customer:"

PayPal 15th December 2007
Please Update Your Account.

"Please Update Your Account"

LloydsTSB Bank 15th December 2007
Final Notice From LloydsTSB Bank:Your Online Login is

"For this reason your Account has been Suspended."

NatWest 15th December 2007
Information Verification Request

"An inability to accurately verify your selected option
of payment due to an internal error within our

Bank of America Military Bank 15th December 2007
Please Verify Your Account Information (December 14,

"To ensure delivery to your inbox, please add to your address book or safe
sender list.

Sooper Credit Union 15th December 2007
Urgent Notification!

"Sooper Credit Union temporarily suspended your account."

Abbey Bank 15th December 2007
Abbey Internet Banking - Account Security Update

"Abbey Bank has been receiving complaints from our
customers for unauthorized use of the Abbey Online
Banking accounts.

PayPal 16th December 2007
Your account is limited

"This is done for your protection."

Abbey 16th December 2007
Re-Update Your Online Banking

"Re-Update Your Online Banking"

Egg Bank 16th December 2007
Re-Confirm Your Online Access for online Banking

"Egg Bank PLC is Committed To Safeguarding our
Customers financial account and personal

Abbey 16th December 2007
Account Notification: Security Alert

"Abbey National Bank Plc is sending you this
notification message because we seem to be having
errors in the proper verificatin of your account.

HSBC Bank 16th December 2007
HSBC Bank - Important Security Message For Customer

"It has come to our attention that your Online account
informations needs to be updated as part of our
continuing commitment to protect your account and to
reduce the instance of fraud on our website.

Abbey 16th December 2007
Update Your Account Login Details

"Personal and business account"

Abbey 17th December 2007
Attention: Abbey eBanking Client - REF: 0074

"Dear Abbey National Bank OnLine Banking user!"

Lloyds TSB 17th December 2007
Message Center: Your Lloyds TSB Change of E-mail
Notification Preferences

"You have a new message."

Natwest Bank 17th December 2007
Update Your Details for Upgrade(Notification on Your

"National Westminster Bank is contacting you as regards
our yearly database update,, we kindly ask you to
update your account information as we have expanded
our database and also upgrading our SSL server for
2008 e-Banking.

PayPal 17th December 2007
Remove Limitations

"We recently reviewed your account, and we need more
information to help How can I restore my account

Kauai Community Federal Credit 17th December 2007
Message Board: Frozen account.

"Kauai Community Federal Credit Union temporarily frozen
your account.

HSBC 17th December 2007
Hsbc Secure Profile Update Confirmation

"During our regularly scheduled account maintenance and
verification procedures, we have detected a slight
error in your account information.

Tiscali 18th December 2007
Tiscali Notification: Account Update Needed

"This e-mail has been sent to you by Tiscali UK Forms to
inform you that we were unable to process your most
recent payment of bill.

Sooper Credit Union 18th December 2007
Your Account is Disabled

"SCU Online Department temporary disabled your account."

Sooper Credit Union 18th December 2007
Urgent Notice, Sooper Credit Union is on Alert!

"This e-mail was sent to from Sooper C.U.

USAA 18th December 2007
Personal Information Update

"To ensure delivery to your inbox, please add to your address

Abbey 18th December 2007
Important Message : Activate Your Online Banking

"Abbey National Bank is commited to ,maintaining a safe
environment for its community of our personal and
business customer.

NatWest 18th December 2007
You have received a new message from NatWest Online

"You have received a new message from NatWest Online

Egg Bank 19th December 2007
*Security Precaution*Update Your Online Banking Details

"Egg is committed to protecting the privacy of your
personal information so you can safely access your
account and use our website

NatWest Bank 19th December 2007
NatWest Digital Banking User Message: Instructions For

"Dear National Westminster Bank On-line Banking user!"

Key Bank 19th December 2007
Key Bank Online: Verisign Security Alert !

"Review Acount Confirmation !"

PayPal 19th December 2007
Receipt for Your Payment.

"This email confirms that you have sent an eBay payment
of $46.85 USD to for an eBay item
using PayPal.

Citibank 19th December 2007
Citibank customer service: please update your details

"Dear business customer of Citibank:"

PayPal 19th December 2007
Receipt for Your Payment.

"This email confirms that you have sent an eBay payment
of $47.75 USD to for an eBay

Natwest Bank 20th December 2007
Natwest Bank United Kingdom: Please Confirm Your
Internet Banking Records

"Dear National Westminster Bank OnLine Banking user!"

HSBC Bank 20th December 2007
HSBC Banking Alert : Unauthorised Activities On Your

"Hsbc Bank is committed to protecting your personal data
as well as your money.

Five Points Bank 20th December 2007
Update your FIVE POINTS BANK account !

"Your Account Access Is Limited !"

Bank of America 20th December 2007
Scheduled account maintenance

"Confirm Your Bank Of America Account now to enjoy the
benefits of online banking and finance to avoid
identity theft and fraudulent activities on your

NatWest Bank 20th December 2007
NatWest Bank: Alert! (Wed, 19 Dec 2007 15:25:04 -0600)

"NatWest Bank is committed to safeguarding customer
information and combating fraud.

NatWest 20th December 2007
REF# 2115 Important Information Regarding Your Account

"We recently reviewed your account, and we suspect an
unauthorized ATM based transaction.

Barclays Bank 21st December 2007
Information Regarding Your Account!

"Barclays Security Precaution"

Abbey 21st December 2007
abbey security alert

"We would like to inform you that abbey online banking
announcing the New Security Upgrade We have upgraded
our new SSL servers to serve our customers for a better
and secure service, against any online banking
fraudulent activities.

Point Bank 21st December 2007
PointBank - Notification Letter #7391

"Point Bank temporarily suspended your account."

Intelligent Finance 21st December 2007
Your Online Account With Intelligent Finance!

"Intelligent Finance Client Service Team requests you to
complete the Customer Confirmation Form (CCF).

NatWest Bank 21st December 2007
NatWest Bank UK: Urgent Mail

"Dear National Westminster Bank OnLine Banking client!"

Lloyds TSB Bank 21st December 2007
Important Notice : Update Your Online Account

"Your access to Online Services has been deactivated due
to a mis-match of access code between your Security

Natwest 22nd December 2007
User Information: Your Account In Natwest Bank Direct

"Dear National Westminster Bank Internet Banking member!"

Natwest Bank 22nd December 2007
National Westminster Bank UK Authorization Process

"Dear Natwest Direct Banking customer!"

Abbey 22nd December 2007
Account Ownership Safety Precaution Tips

"You may have seen via the media the issue of the loss
of data containing personal records of child benefit
recipients including names, addresses and bank account

Abbey 22nd December 2007
Internet Banking Update

"During our regularly scheduled account maintenance and
verification procedures, we were unable to verify your
account information.

LloydsTSB 22nd December 2007
Important Message

"Due to concerns for safety,Your account has been
randomly flagged in our system as a part of our latest
security measures against Fraud and ID Theft.

NatWest 22nd December 2007
Notice : Access Blocked

"National Westminster Bank."

Abbey 23rd December 2007
Online Access: Account Is Currently Unavailable.

"Abbey National Bank"

Lloyds TSB 23rd December 2007
Message Alert - You Have 1 Important Unread Message

"You have 1 new important message waiting in your inbox

Natwest 23rd December 2007
Natwest UK Important Security Mail Id: 315

"Dear National Westminster Bank Digital Banking member!"

HSBC Bank 23rd December 2007
Important: Security Maintainance To All Our HSBC

"HSBC Bank is constantly working to ensure security by
regularly screening the accounts in our system.

LloydsTSB Bank 23rd December 2007
Security Alert: Unauthorized Transaction On Your
Internet Banking.

"Security Alert: Unauthorized Transaction On Your
Internet Banking.!!!

NatWest 23rd December 2007
Message Alerts.

"Security Message:"

Abbey 24th December 2007
Account Status Notification

"In accordance with Abbey National Online Banking User
Agreement and to ensure that your account has not been
accessed from fraudulent locations, access to your
account has been limited.

Abbey 24th December 2007
Your Accounts Lockout Notice

"Due to invalid serveral attempts on your Card number or
personal ID, We have decided to put extra security
measures to ensure you are the owner of this account.

Teachers Credit Union 24th December 2007
Regular Account Maintenance

"We are currently performing regular maintenance of our
security measures.

Yorkshire Bank 24th December 2007

"During our regular update and verification of the
Yorkshire Internet Banking Service, we could not
verify your current information.

NatWest Bank 24th December 2007
NatWest Electronic Banking Informs You ID: 5135

"Dear Natwest Bank Direct and Digital Banking client!"

Natwest 24th December 2007
National Westminster Bank Plc - Official E-mail

"Dear NatWest Bank Digital Banking user!"

NatWest Bank 25th December 2007
*Notice* Important Security Alert


Bank Of America 25th December 2007
Please Update Your Account Information

"During our usual security enhancement protocol, we
observed multiple login attempt error while login in to
your online Bank0fAmeria account.

Lloyds TSB Bank 25th December 2007
Customer Notices: Your Online Bank Access Is About To

"Security Alert: Your Lloyds TSB Online Bank Access Is
About To Expire

Abbey Bank 25th December 2007
Online Access: Your Internet Banking Account Is
Currently Unavailable.

"Dear Abbey Bank Customer:"

Nationwide 25th December 2007
IMPORTANT - Customer Service Message

"Nationwide Building Society have employed some
industrial leading models to start performing an extra
security check with Your Online Banking Activities to
ensure a safe and secure Online Banking.

Abbey 25th December 2007
Abbey Secure: Online Banking Service Upgrade.

"As the Internet and information technology enable us to
expand our services, we are committed to maintaining
the trust customers have placed in us for protecting
the privacy and security of information we have about

AOL 26th December 2007
Do You Still Need Your AOL Network Screen Name ?

"Dear custmer , Due to the large fraud activity
monitored in 2007 and many custmers registerd screen
names with fake information and so fraud billing
information,AOL is taking an action against those
activity through new billing system co-operating with
members bank issuers.

Chase Bank 26th December 2007
Chase Bank Notification

"To Renew your Chase Online Banking Services click on
the following link:

Lloyds TSB 26th December 2007
Important Message From Lloyd's Bank

"If you could please take some time in your online
experience and verify your Account information, You
will not run into any future problems with the online

Bank of America 26th December 2007
Important Notice : Please Restore Your Online Bank

"During our regular update and verification of the
Internet Banking Accounts, we could not verify your
current information.

PayPal 26th December 2007
PayPal Introducing New Enhanced Security Protection

"1. Why did I get the notice?"

Point Bank 26th December 2007
Billing failure

"We need you to complete an account update so we can
unlock your account.

Lloyds TSB Bank 27th December 2007
Lloyds TSB Bank Security Alert!!

"We were unable to process your most recent payment."

AOL 27th December 2007
AOL Security Request

"click here"

Regions Bank 27th December 2007

"Due to the recent upgrade of our servers, we have
issued this warning message.

Bank of America 27th December 2007
BankOfAmerica - Update Your Account Informations !

"SiteKey Confirmation"

Nationwide 27th December 2007

"Access To Your Account Is Currently Unavailable."

Abbey 27th December 2007
Alert !!! Security Upgrade

"During the recent verification of your account
information our processors encountered error in the
proper verification of your information.

Bank of America 28th December 2007
Bank of America - Urgent Notification

"However, if you did not initiate the log ins, please
visit Bank Of America as soon as possible to verify
your identity:

Natwest 28th December 2007
Access Blocked.

"Customer Service: Your Natwest account has expired"

HSBC Bank 28th December 2007
Your Online Account With HSBC Bank!

"HSBC Client Service Team requests you to complete the
Customer Confirmation Form (CCF).

Abbey 28th December 2007
IMPORTANT - Customer Service Message

"Your access to our Abbey Internet Banking has been
temporarily disabled due to multiple login errors.

e-gold 28th December 2007
Note from - Incoming Spends Blocked
on Recipient e-gold Account

"Private Forex Trade INC Error(s) detected:"

Abbey 28th December 2007
Online Account Update

"Your access to Online Services has been deactivated."

Abbey 29th December 2007
IMPORTANT - Customer Service Message

"Your Abbey password has been changed."

Hdfc Bank 29th December 2007
New Security Update From Hdfc Bank

"During our regular update and verification of the
Internet Banking Accounts, we could not verify your
current information.

Halifax Bank 29th December 2007
Online Account Notification

"We would like to make use of this opportunity to wish
our esteemed customers and partnership compan's a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Halifax Bank 29th December 2007
Halifax Bank Plc Alerts: Your Online Banking Is Blocked

"This email was sent by the Halifax Bank team to verify
your e-mail address, and to protect you from online
theft for the end of year 2007.

Abbey 29th December 2007
Security Notification: Restore Your Online Banking
Account Information

"Security Notification:"

Intelligent Finance 29th December 2007
Administration alert!

"Please note that your Intelligent Finance Internet
banking account is about to expire.

eBay 30th December 2007
Seller has responded to your question about this item

"eBay sent this message to xxx ."

eBay 30th December 2007
eBay Bid Alert - Bid Cancelation !

"Recently we became aware that your eBay account was
involved in the following activity:

PayPal 30th December 2007
Please Complete The "Steps to Remove Limitations."

"Your account access has been limited for the following

Natwest 30th December 2007
Restore Your Account Access

"This is to inform you that the access to your online
services has been temporarily suspended due to some
inconsistency within your security details.

Natwest 30th December 2007
Privacy And Security Notice

"Due to the recent number of frauldent emails that has
targeted our customers recently Natwest online bankingt
has decided to upgrade the security level of our
servers to ensure safe and secure acccess of your

Abbey Bank 30th December 2007
Abbey Bank Information

"As a bank we are used to thinking about security."

PayPal 31st December 2007

"This email confirms that you have sent an eBay payment
of $47.75 USD to for an eBay

Nationwide 31st December 2007
Security Alert Notice: Currently Upgrading Our SSL

"Security Alert Notice:"