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At we have the internet's biggest archive of spoof email and phishing scams from the last few years. Here you will find a selection of the most popular scams we have encountered.

We are currently storing ALL scam reports with our HoneyTrap database which is now available for commercial license. We currently hold 2539446 scams in this database. Click here for information on the database.

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ARCHIVE: March 2005 - March 2019

100 reports:

NatWest Bank 26th April 2008
Natwest Private and Corporate User Email: Records

"Dear Natwest Bank Electronic Banking customer!"

HSBC Bank 26th April 2008
HSBC Banking Renewal Notice

"HSBC Online Banking Renewal Notice"

RBS 26th April 2008
Online Banking Safety

"The Royal Bank of Scotland has published a new software
that will help you with security and fraud issues.

NatWest Bank 26th April 2008
Natwest OnLine Banking: Urgent Notice

"Dear NatWest Bankline client!"

NatWest 26th April 2008
NatWest OnLine Banking: Important Security Message

"Dear Natwest Bank Private and Corporate Banking client!"

RBS 26th April 2008
RBS Digital Banking Customer Service Notification

"Customer Service:"

Abbey 27th April 2008
For security reasons : Secure Your Abbey Online Banking

"During our usual security enhancement protocol, we
observed multiple login attempt error while login in to
your online lloydstsb account.

Vodafone 27th April 2008
Message from Vodafone - Online TopUp £50 calling credit

"As part of our new promotion, We are encouraging our
users to start using Online TopUp service.

RBS 27th April 2008
Information - Access Suspended

"Information - Access Suspended"

HSBC Bank 27th April 2008
HSBC Bank UK : Update Your HSBC Online Banking

"HSBC United Kingdom"

Abbey 27th April 2008
Abbey National eBanking: Authorize Your Details

"Our Maintenance Department is performing a scheduled
eBanking Service update

Comerica Bank 27th April 2008
Comerica Bank Certificate is due to expire 1st may 2008

"Comerica TM Connect Web Bank Renewal"

Wachovia Bank 28th April 2008
Wachovia Bank: you have 1 new security message alert!
(message id: TF40600251610763)

"We would like to inform you that we are currently
carrying out scheduled maintenance.

Nationwide 28th April 2008
Issue Concerning Your Account

"Be informed that the access to your Account has been
temporarily suspended due to some errors in your
personal information and security details.

Nationwide Bank 28th April 2008
e-Delivery Statement from Nationwide Bank

"Alerting Service"

Abbey 28th April 2008
Third Warning About Internet Banking Fraud From Abbey
National Bank

"It has come to the notice of Abbey National Bank
Security Team that your online banking access has been
accessed from various computers.

Wachovia Bank 28th April 2008
Wachovia Bank: please read this message.

"Wachovia Commercial Online Form"

Shelby Savings Bank 28th April 2008
Shelby Savings Bank Account Verification!!!

"We are currently performing regular maintenance of our
security measures.

Egg 29th April 2008
Precaution Message:Stay Secure Online

"Egg is committed to protecting the privacy of your
personal information so that you can safely access your
account and use our website

Oregon Community Credit Union 29th April 2008
1 New Message

"We`d like to inform you that your Message Center has 1
new message.

PayPal 29th April 2008
PayPal Security - Confirm Your Account Informations !

"We recently have determined that different computers
have logged onto your PayPal account, and multiple
password failures were present before the logins.

Halifax 29th April 2008
Precaution Message : Stay Secure Online

"To ensure that you are protected from latest fraudulent
scam and other account threats, it's strongly advise
that you should update account protection click on
"Secure" to continue the process...

AOL 29th April 2008
Alert about your AOL billing information on file

"Manage My Reminders"

Cahoot 29th April 2008
Alert : Issue Consigning Your Account

"This e-mail has been sent to you by Cahoot Security
Department to inform you that we were unable to verify
your account information.

MAX Credit Union 30th April 2008
Dear MAX CU client,

"You have received this email because you or someone had
used your account from different locations.

Abbey National Bank 30th April 2008
Abbey National Bank - Account Locked

"Protect the things you love"

NatWest 30th April 2008
NatWest Electronic Banking Account Mail

"Our Maintenance Department is performing a scheduled
On-line Banking Service upgrade

Abbey 30th April 2008
Abbey National eBanking: Important Security Information
For Client

"Dear Abbey National Bankline Internet Banking member!"

NatWest Bank 30th April 2008
NatWest Bank On-line Banking Attention - Please Verify
Your Records!

"Dear NatWest Bank Personal and Commercial Banking

Wells Fargo 30th April 2008
Logon To Reactivate Your Wells Fargo Account Access

"Account Status Notification"

Lloyds TSB Bank 1st May 2008
Lloyds TSB Online Banking Account Notification

"TSB Security Precaution"

Lloyds TSB 1st May 2008
Notice 004233302008.

"We recently noticed one or more attempts to log in your
Lloyds TSB account from a foreign IP address and we
have reasons to believe that your account was hijacked
by a third party without your authorization.

Citibank 1st May 2008
1 new message

"Online Banking"

Abbey 1st May 2008
Abbey Electronic Banking: Important Security Email For
All Customerss

"Our Technical Department is carrying out a planned
Digital Banking Service upgrade

Abbey 1st May 2008
Abbey National Digital Banking - Official Message

"Dear Abbey National Bankline member!"

Halifax 1st May 2008

"If you are the rightful holder of the account you must
click the link below and complete all steps from the
following page as we try to verify your identity.

Abbey 2nd May 2008
Unauthorized Access on Account

"In the last few days, our Online banking security Team
has observed multiple unusual logons on your
account, from Different Blacklisted IP's that is why
we are Issuing this security warning.

eBay 2nd May 2008
MC010 A26 Account Security Notice: eBay Registration
Suspension - Section 9

"Per the User Agreement, Section 9, we may immediately
issue a warning, temporarily suspend, indefinitely
suspend or terminate your membership and refuse to
provide our services to you if we believe that your
actions may cause financial loss or legal liability
for you, our users or us.

Lloyds TSB 2nd May 2008
Customer Service Alert

"Click on the guide-link below and follow the directions
to instant activation or please call our Online
Helpdesk on 08452 22 33 44 to activate your account and
security information.

NatWest Bank 2nd May 2008
NatWest Bank Personal and Business Informs You -
Code: 710

"Dear NatWest Bank OnLine Banking client!"

eBay 2nd May 2008
eBay New Unpaid Item Message from snorelax67:

"eBay member snorelax67 has left you a message regarding
item #250237790370

ICICI Bank 2nd May 2008
You have 1 new ALERT message.

"During our regularly scheduled account maintenance and
verification procedures,? we have detected a slight
error in your account information.

i-Business 3rd May 2008
Read carefully! i-Business Banking System Upgrade

"Important Announcement:"

Colonial Bank 3rd May 2008
Colonial Bank - Certificate Update

"Connection-Colonial Bank Renewal (Last Notice!)"

Halifax Bank 3rd May 2008
Halifax Bank Security Measures

"Internet Banking update."

Halifax 3rd May 2008
Account Security Notices: Confirm Your Account

"Kindly confirm your account into our new ssl security
server, To enable us give your account anew online
security update.

NatWest 3rd May 2008
Access Suspended Error code [E384]

"Access to your online banking services has been
temporarily suspended.

Lloyds TSB 3rd May 2008
Lloyds TSB Customer Service: Nofitication ID=

"During our usual security enhancement protocol, we
observed multiple login attempt error while login in to
your online lloydstsb account.

Abbey Bank 4th May 2008
Security Notice : Important Message From Abbey Bank

"Abbey National Online Banking® Department Notice"

Lloyds Tsb Bank 4th May 2008
*IMPORTANT: Your Online Banking Will Be Suspended*

"During our usual security enhancement protocol, we
observed multiple login attempt error while login in to
your online NatWest account.

Halifax 4th May 2008
Update your account information

"Most importantly the update of your SECURITY question
and answer.

Internal Revenue Service 4th May 2008
Tax return (Message ID HT353262)

"A Secure Way to Receive Your Tax Return"

NatWest 4th May 2008
Message From Natwest Online Banking

"At NatWest, we take our Internet Banking security

NatWest Bank 4th May 2008

"We at NatWest Bank we are committed in Making Our
online customers feel more comfortable with our banking

Natwest Bank 5th May 2008
Natwest Bank OnLine Banking Client Message:
Instructions For Customer

"Our Maintenance Unit is doing an arranged Digital
Banking software upgrade By following the link below
please commence the procedure of the user details

Abbey 5th May 2008
Account Notice

"This is a automated message due to an error in the
verification of your account.

Lloyds TSB Bank 5th May 2008
1 New Security Message From Lloyds TSB Bank

"Security Message – Please Read Carefully:"

NatWest 5th May 2008
NatWest Private and Business: Secure Activation Process
- Code: 2954

"Dear NatWest OnLine Banking client!"

Oregon Community Credit Union 5th May 2008
###Notice no.354712412351

"Billing failure and security issue."

Natwest 5th May 2008
Natwest OnLine Banking User Mail: Instructions For User

"Dear Natwest Bank Personal and Business Banking

Merrill Lynch 6th May 2008
Changing between web-hosting service providers Merrill
Lynch Business Centre


Abbey 6th May 2008
You have 1 new Security Message Alert

"Log In into your account and resolve the problem."

Abbey 6th May 2008
Abbey Customer Alert: Failed Logon Attempts

"This email was sent by the Abbey Online Banking server
to Verification purpose Only.

Nationwide 6th May 2008
Update Your Account With Additional Security

"Because of unusual number of invalid login attempts on
you account, we had to believe that, their might be
some security problem on you account.

RBS 6th May 2008
Royal Bank Of Scotland Security Alerts

"Dear Valued Customer :"

Halifax 6th May 2008
Pleaze Update Your Account

"Halifax Online Banking Security team is carrying out a
fraud prevebtio Banking system .

Alliance&Leicester 7th May 2008
AllianceLeicester - Unable to Verify Your Account

"Unable to Verify Your Account"

Natwest 7th May 2008
Update and Reconfirm Your Account Information

"Dear National Westminister Bank Customer:"

Britannia Building Society 7th May 2008
Account hijacked .

"We recently noticed one or more attempts to log in your
Britannia account from a foreign IP address and we have
reasons to believe that your account was hijacked by a
third party without your authorization.

Lloyds TSB Bank 7th May 2008
Security Notice .

"In accordance with Lloyds TSB Bank plc Online Banking
User Agreement and to ensure that your account has not
been accessed from fraudulent locations, access to
your account has been limited.

Abbey 7th May 2008
Important Abbey Online Banking Verification Process

"Abbey Online Banking Verification Process"

RBS 7th May 2008
Important Information

"A response to the inquiry you recently sent us is now
available in your Notices inbox.

NatWest Bank 8th May 2008
NatWest Bank Private and Business Customer Mail:
Identity Activation

"Dear NatWest Digital Banking member!"

RBS 8th May 2008
Royal Bank Of Scotland Online Banking Verification

"We are committed to protecting you when you bank with

NatWest Bank 8th May 2008
Confirm The Changes On Your Online Details

"You have received a new message from NatWest Bank
technical department With Security Centre about the
new security update.

Halifax 8th May 2008
Online Services Notices : Account Error.

"Account Error"

Egg 8th May 2008
Your Egg Card statement is ready

"Your Egg Card statement is online."

Langley F.C.U. 8th May 2008
Important Notification from Langley F.C.U. Online

"You have received this email because you or someone had
used your account from different locations.

NatWest Bank 9th May 2008
Access Suspended Error code [E384]

"During our regularly scheduled account maintenance and
verification procedures, we have detected a slight
error in your account informations.

JPMorgan Chase Bank 9th May 2008
online banking alert. (message id: SZ4437750V)

"As part of our security measures, all Chase bank
customers are required to complete Chase Online Form.

Llyods TSB Bank 9th May 2008
Automatic Notice: Access To Your Account Has Been

"This message has been sent to you from because we have
noticed invalid login attempts into your account, due
to this we are temporarily limiting and restricting
your account access until we confirm your identity.

Abbey Bank 9th May 2008
Online Security Measures(Confirm Your Account

"Abbey National Bank is constantly working to increase
security for all Online Banking users.

RBS 9th May 2008
Royal Bank of Scotland Direct Banking Service: Login

"Dear Royal Bank of Scotland Private and Business
Banking customer!

RBS 9th May 2008
Royal Bank of Scotland Digital Banking - Official

"Dear Royal Bank of Scotland Electronic Banking client!"

RBS 10th May 2008
Royal Bank of Scotland Digital Banking - Important
Security Notification

"Dear Royal Bank of Scotland Digital Banking user!"

Lloyds Tsb Bank 10th May 2008
You Have 3 Important Message

"You have 3 new important message waiting in your inbox

Halifax 10th May 2008
Access Suspended

"Unfortunately, your online service has been suspended."

Comerica Bank 10th May 2008
Your Account Need Attention

"We're sending you this message, as you requested, to
let you know that a withdrawal larger than the amount
you designated has been made to your CHECKING Account.

NatWest 10th May 2008
Please validate your e-mail address!

"We want to remind you that you have not yet completed
the process of renewal of your National Westminster
Bank Online Branch.

HSBC 10th May 2008
Avoid online scams / phishing and new services updated

"We need to inform you that during our security review
we are asking every user to become ID Verified.

Wachovia Bank 11th May 2008
Security Alert - You Have 1 New Security message

"You have 1 new secure message Please login to your
online and visit the secure Messages, section in
order to read the message, To Login, please click
the link below:

Mazuma Credit Union 11th May 2008
Mazuma Credit Union Survey!


EPPICard 11th May 2008
Customer Service - Notification

"This email is to inform you that your online profile
has been deactivated due to inactivity.

Bank of America 11th May 2008
Online Banking : Please Restore Your Account Access

"Restore Your account has been Blocked"

Halifax 11th May 2008
Account Update Notice

"You have 1 new Security Message Alert!"

EPPICard 11th May 2008
Security notification regarding you account access

"We recently reviewed your account, and suspect that
your EPPICard account may have been accessed from an
unauthorized computer.

RBS 12th May 2008
Re-activate your Digital Banking

"The Royal Bank Of Scotland Group."

Abbey 12th May 2008
Re-Activate Your Online Access Account From Abbey
National Building Society Alert

"Abbey Financial Group Banking Alert"

Barclays 12th May 2008
Official Email To All The Barclays Personal and
Business Clients

"Dear The Barclays Plc client!"

Google 12th May 2008
Your ads in this account are not running.

"We were unable to process your payment."