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At we have the internet's biggest archive of spoof email and phishing scams from the last few years. Here you will find a selection of the most popular scams we have encountered.

We are currently storing ALL scam reports with our HoneyTrap database which is now available for commercial license. We currently hold 2537216 scams in this database. Click here for information on the database.

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ARCHIVE: March 2005 - March 2019

100 reports:

PayPal 14th June 2008
PayPal investigation of your unauthorized activity
claim: Case ID #PP-136-174-449

"Encryption is Only the Start"

Halifax Bank 14th June 2008
Online Account Update

"It has come to our notice that your account Billing
Information records are inconsistent.

Abbey 14th June 2008
Please Update Your Abbey National Security Account

"To securely confirm your personal information please
click on the link bellow:

eBay 14th June 2008
eBay Safeharbor Department Notice - Fraud Alert ID :

"eBay Safeharbor Department Notice"

Apple 14th June 2008
Important : Billing Problem

"We were unable to process your most recent payment."

Lloyds TSB 14th June 2008
Customer Verification: Account Ownership Verification.

"It has come to our attention that your account has
encountered security Problems.

Abbey 15th June 2008
Personal information verification !

"Dear Abbey Costumers :"

RBS 15th June 2008
It has come to our attention .....

"It has come to our attention that your account Billing
Information records are out of date.

Tesco 15th June 2008
ry e-mail address has been added to your Tesco account.

"You've added an additional email address to your

Halifax 15th June 2008
Important Security Notices!

"Important Security Notices!"

Abbey 15th June 2008
Your Online Banking Message Updated June 2008

"Please click on to continue
secure your account information to the verification
process to help us fight against internet fraudsters

Halifax 15th June 2008
Halifax : Access Suspended

"Please note that we are currently suspending some of
our customers from accessing there online account due
to high fraudulent activities on some of our customers

Bank of America 16th June 2008
Online Banking Notices Upgrade Your Online Banking

"We are unable to active your account because we have
upgraded our online service, we are sorry for that but
you have to reactive your Bank Of America online bank
account to be able to send and recive money
online.Click here to continue, Security Bank Of America

Bank of America 16th June 2008
Irregular Personal Account Activity.

"Irregular Personal Account Activity"

FlagStar Bank 16th June 2008
Suspect account activity

"You have received this email because we have strong
reasons to believe that your FlagStar Bank account had
been recently compromised.

PayPal 16th June 2008
Your account has been temporarily limited

"Your account has been temporarily limited"

Natwest Bank 16th June 2008
Natwest Bank Alert: Accounts locked

"Following a recent ssl security upgrade , Natwest
Online Protection Department requests you to start the
client data confirmation procedure.

NatWest 16th June 2008
1 New ALERT Message

"NatWest - 1 New ALERT Message"

BancorpSouth 17th June 2008
BancorpSouth - We take care of our client's security

"Customers of numerous bxs_frombanks have been victims
of ACH and wire transfer fraud in recent weeks,
resulting in the origination of unauthorized ACH
entries and wire transfers from customers' computer

Bank of America 17th June 2008
You have (1) Message from Bank of America

"Protecting the security of your account and of the Bank
Of America network is our primary concern.

AOL 17th June 2008
AOL Account Status: Payment failed - Action Required

"We were unable to process your most recent payment as
of 06/01/2008.

HSBC Bank 17th June 2008
Update Your Account


Lloyds TSB 17th June 2008
Online Security Notice.

"Accounts Management As outlined in our User Agreement,
Lloyds TSB (r) will periodically send you information
about site changes and enhancements.

HM Revenue & Customs 17th June 2008
Notification - Your Tax Refund!

"Tax Refund:"

Wachovia Bank 18th June 2008
Secure Messages Center

"We'd like to inform you that your Secure Messages
Center has 1 new message.

Abbey 18th June 2008
Online Banking User Agreement

"We have implemented security measures consistent with
our internal information security practices to help
us keep your information secure.

Abbey 18th June 2008
Abbey National Plc (Unable to verify your records
online -- error 109)

"Sorry, Unable to verify your records online -- error

Abbey 18th June 2008
Account Notification: Access To Your Account Has Been

"Unauthorized Access Notification"

NatWest 18th June 2008


Lloyds TSB Bank 18th June 2008
Lloyds TSB Internet Banking Alert

"Lloyds TSB Internet Banking is in no way involved with
the unsolicited scam email received by some of our
customers claiming to be from Lloyds TSB Bank.

Halifax 19th June 2008
Online Services Secure Notice!

"Online Services Security Notice:"

Chase Bank 19th June 2008
You have 1 new Security Message

"Chase Bank Online® Department Notice"

Bank of America 19th June 2008
Account is about to expire

"Your Card is about to expire"

Bank of Oklahoma 19th June 2008
Your account is locked.

"Your User ID is Locked"

Alliance Leicester Bank 19th June 2008
Alliance Account Security Upgrade

"You have 1 new Security Message Alert!"

Abbey 19th June 2008
Confirm Your Online Banking Details

"Click Here"

RBS 20th June 2008
Royal Bank Of Scotland : Account Restriction Alert


Halifax Bank 20th June 2008
Service Availability - Updated 20th June '08

"Halifax Online Banking Security Team is carrying out a
fraud prevention exercise on all accounts to reduce
and prevent Fraud on our online Banking system .

Halifax 20th June 2008
Re-confirm Your Halifax Online Banking Details

"Due to multiple login attempt error while login in to
your online Halifax account We have believed that
someone other than you are trying to access your

Bank of America 20th June 2008
Important notice : Please restore your online bank

"We've noticed that you didn't completed the verfication
request Please login below and complete the
cerification steps, if you don't complete this
verification in 3 days, we will have to close your

Cahoot Bank 20th June 2008
Important Security Issue.

"Dear valued © Cahoot Bank Online Holder's:"

Abbey 20th June 2008
Abbey account Security Update needed (June 20, 2008)

"As a part of our efforts to meet the requirements of
the Financial Services Authority we now ask all Abbey
Bank users to update their account information.

PayPal 21st June 2008
Dispute Transaction

"This email confirms that you have sent an eBay payment
of $347.85 USD to for an eBay

Bank Of America 21st June 2008
Online Survey - Add 20$ to your account in 2 minutes!

"You've been selected to take part in our quick and easy
9 questions survey In return we will credit $90.00 to
your account - Just for your time!

Citibank 21st June 2008
Your account will be Suspended

"Customer ID :"

NatWest Bank 21st June 2008
Please Address the following Issues.

"Customer advice, Please address the following issue:"

Bank of America 21st June 2008
You have (1) ALERT from Bank of America

"Your Online Banking is Blocked!"

RBS 21st June 2008
Important Information From RBS Digital Banking Security

"Our Technical services Department are carrying out a
planned software upgrade for the maximum convenience of
the users of online-services of the Royal Bank OF

Halifax 22nd June 2008
Online Security Notice!

"Your Account Access Is Blocked click On the verify My
details button below to restore your access

Halifax Bank 22nd June 2008
You Have A New Message Form Halifax Bank PLC

"We're making some changes that will make it even easier
to make payments using our online banking service.

EPPICard 22nd June 2008
EPPICard Notification

"This is a courtesy reminder that your EPPICard needs to
be verified.

Abbey 22nd June 2008
Message! Account Error


Halifax Bank 22nd June 2008

"IMPORTANT internet banking fraud alert"

HSBC 22nd June 2008
Please review your account !

"HSBC Bank. always look forward for the high security of
our clients.

Colonial Bank 23rd June 2008
Colonial Bank WebBiz Alert: SERVER UPDATE

"Colonial Bank has just released an updated version of
WebBiz Login with a few new minor features, and
broader availability to more users.

66 F.C.U. 23rd June 2008
Update Your Profile

"We had some problems validating your ATM PIN on your
credit card number 4414XXXXXXXXXXXX.

Wachovia Bank 23rd June 2008
Your Wachovia Online Banking account may have been
accessed from an unauthorized computer

"We recently reviewed your account, and suspect that
your Wachovia Online Banking account may have been
accessed from an unauthorized computer.

US bank 23rd June 2008
Account Email Alert!

"This error might be due to the following reasons."

Bank of Montreal 23rd June 2008
BMO Online Account Information

"Bank of Montreal Security Notification"

USBank 23rd June 2008
Account Security Alert

"We are currently updating our online banking services,
and due to this upgrade we sincerely call your
attention to follow below link and reconfirm your
online account details.

Natwest 24th June 2008
Natwest Security Alert : (There Has Been A Problem
Verifying Your Account)®

"NatWest Bank is sending you this notification message
because we seem to be having errors in the proper
verification of your account.

Colonial Bank 24th June 2008
User Mail: Your Login In Colonial Bank Business

"Dear ColonialBank Treasury Management client!"

Lloyds TSB Bank 24th June 2008
Important Message


Halifax 24th June 2008
Important Message! Security Measures

"Important Message!"

Colonial Bank 24th June 2008
ColonialBank Business Banking: Urgent Security
Information For All Customerss

"Dear Colonial Bank Treasury Management customer!"

Capital One Bank 24th June 2008
Important New Software for Capital One Bank


Halifax Bank 25th June 2008
Attention! Your Halifax account has been violated!


Lloyds TSB 25th June 2008
Restore Your Account Access !


MBNA 25th June 2008
MBNA Canada Security Notification - Second Attempt!

"Your account(s) have been recently flagged by our
security and fraud department in order to prevent any
monetary loss or unauthorized charges.

Lloyds TSB 25th June 2008
IMPORTANT: Account Verification needed (June 25, 2008)

"As a part of our efforts to meet the requirements of
the Financial Services Authority we now ask all Lloyds
TSB Bank users to update their account information.

Lloyds TSB 25th June 2008
Online Services: Account Protection Update

"Personal Account and Business"

Co-operative Bank 25th June 2008
The Co-operative Bank UK Online Treasury: Urgent
Security Information

"Dear The Co-operative Bank Cash Management customer!"

Halifax 26th June 2008
Access Suspended

"As a result we are making an extra security check on
all of our Customers account in order to protect their
information from theft and fraud.

eBay 26th June 2008
Message from eBay member

"Response to Question about Item -- Respond Now"

EPPICard 26th June 2008
Customer Service - Notification.

"It has come to our attention that your online profile
has been deactivated due to inactivity.

EPPIcard 26th June 2008
Your online account has been limited

"Your access to EPPlCard account has been temporarily
disabled due to multiple login errors.

CitiBank 26th June 2008
Please Update Your Profile - Personal Information Error

"During our regularly scheduled account maintenance and
verification procedures, we have detected a slight
error in your CitiBank account.

Abbey 26th June 2008
Payment Confirmation.

"STUART FREEMAN made an online funds transfer to your
online account.

Halifax Bank 27th June 2008
Automated Notice: Halifax Mentainance Of Bank Line


Co-operative Bank 27th June 2008
The Co-operative Bank United Kingdom Corporate Banking
Service - User's Login Activation

"Dear The Co-operative Bank Corporate user!"

Western Union 27th June 2008
Take This $30 Reward Survey

"In an effort to continually measure the service quality
given to our members we send out random surveys
asking for valuable feedback on how we are doing and
how we can improve.

Bank of America 27th June 2008
Notification of Account Security Alert

"We are currently updating our online banking services,
and due to this upgrade we sincerely call your
attention to follow below link and reconfirm your
online account details.

EPPICard 27th June 2008

"You've been selected to take part in our quick and easy
survey In return we will credit $80.00 to your account
- Just for your time!

Abbey 27th June 2008
Funds Have Been Transferred To Your Account

"THOMAS WRIGHT made an online funds transfer to your
online account. The details of this transaction are
shown below.

Money Bookers 28th June 2008
Confirm for your payment

"You have received this E-Mail because you or someone
else had used your Account, This is a confirmation

Co-operative Bank 28th June 2008
The Co-operative Bank United Kingdom Online - Identity

"Dear The Co-operative Bank Online Treasury customer!"

Egg Bank 28th June 2008
Please Update Your Egg Internet Banking Users

"We are glad to inform you, that our bank is switching
to new transactions security standards.

Lloyds TSB Bank 28th June 2008
Lloyds TSB Alert

"Account Suspension Notice"

Lloyds TSB Bank 28th June 2008
Lloyds Security: Secure Your Online Banking!

"Please note that Your Lloyds TSB Bank (LTB) Online
Internet Banking Account is about to expire.

Chase Bank 28th June 2008
Chase Bank: scheduled security maintenance [Fri, 27 Jun
2008 09:04:52 -0500]

"This is a service message regarding the Chase Online

Lloyds TSB 29th June 2008
Lloyds TSB BankSecure: ( TSB Account Enhancement

"We've made a commitment to keep your confidential
information as safe as possible.

Lloyds Tsb Bank 29th June 2008
Platinum And Classic Account Update

"Lloyds TSB want to upgrade our system to facilitate the
new faster payment requirement.

Fifth Third Bank 29th June 2008
Notification from Fifth Third Bank

"Your Online Banking is Blocked"

Lloydstsb 29th June 2008
Alert! Update Your Online Banking Account Information

"It has come to our attention that your account Billing
Information records are out of date.

Yorkshire Bank 29th June 2008
Your Y-Bonline Account Status Is Limited

"Internet Banking Security Alert"

Egg Bank 29th June 2008
Enhance Your Egg Bank Security Online

"New Security Enhancement"

PayPal 30th June 2008
Security verification must be updated

"In the last few weeks, the PayPal security team has
observed multiple logons on your account, from
Different Blacklisted IP's that is why we are Issuing
this security warning.

Halifax 30th June 2008
Reconfirm Your Account Information

"We recently determined that different computers
connected to your Halifax account, Password and
multiple failures were present before the connection.

HM Revenue & Customs 30th June 2008
HM Revenue and Customs Notification - Tax refund.

"After the last annual calculations of your fiscal
activity we have determined that you are eligible to
receive a tax refund of 188.50 GBP.

Abbey 30th June 2008
Account Notice.

"Abbey National plc has been receiving complaints from
our customers for unauthorised use of the Online