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Date Reported: 28th July 2007 Whats this? Risk Level: MEDIUM Whats this?
Email Subject:
 PayPal Account Limited
Apparent Sender:
 PayPal Whats this?
Return Address: < > Whats this?
Email Format:  HTML Whats this?
URL of Web Content: Whats this?
 Korea Whats this?
Scam number:
  • Email asks you to confirm/update/verify your account data at PayPal by visiting the given link. You will be taken to a spoof website where your details will be captured for the phishers.

  • PayPal never send their users emails requesting personal details in this way.

  • The spoof website this email links to was not online at time of this report, but variations of the scam which link to working websites are bound to exist, so be wary! The website may have been taken down or disabled by the hosts, but quite often these websites are hosted on the personal computer of the phishers, so may only be online at certain times.

  • The REAL URL of the spoof website looks nothing like the actual PayPal URL.
"Your account access is limited."

Your account access is limited.

What can I do while my account access is limited ?
Click on the link :

Why my account access is limited ?

This Policy was last modified on May 18, 2006.

Your Account Access is Limited. If the dispute covers only a specific transaction, we will only limit access to funds related to that particular transaction. If your account access has been limited, you will be notified by e-mail and requested to provide information relevant to your account. PayPal will investigate the matter promptly. If the investigation is in your favor, we will restore access to your account. If the investigation is not in your favor, PayPal may return funds to the sender and restore access to the remainder of your account, continue to limit your account access for up to 180 days as is necessary to protect PayPal against the risk of reversals, or may close your account by giving you notice and mailing a check for any funds in your account (minus funds that are in dispute) to the address that you have provided. If you are later determined to be entitled to the funds in dispute, PayPal will make an additional payment of those funds to you. Any of the follo! wing events may lead to your accou

Reports of unauthorized or unusual credit card use associated with the account including, but not limited to, notice by the card issuing bank. This includes notices made by you to your credit card company that a transaction was unauthorized or your account compromised, and is done in order to protect you from further unauthorized use of your card;

Reports of unauthorized or unusual bank account use associated with the account;

Abuse by a buyer of the reversal process provided by the buyer's issuing bank;

Consistent failure to pursue the Buyer Complaint Process described below before pursuing any alternate reversal process provided by the buyer's issuing bank;

Abuse by a buyer or seller of the Buyer Complaint Process;

Complaints received regarding non-shipment of merchandise, non-delivery of services, merchandise not as described, or problems with merchandise shipped;

Initiation by a buyer of a reversal process through the buyer's issuing bank without first pursuing the Buyer Complaint process described below;

Receipt of potentially fraudulent funds;

Excessive disputes or reversals, claims or attempts to "double dip" by receiving funds in a dispute both from PayPal and through a reversal or a refund from the seller;

Refusal to cooperate in an investigation or provide confirmation of identity when requested;

Initiation of transactions considered to be cash advances or assisting in cash advances (not including the use of the PayPal debit card);

Sending unsolicited email or posting referral links on websites where they are not permitted;

Opening multiple accounts;

The account has been used in or to facilitate fraudulent activity;

Violations of this User Agreement;

Name on the bank account associated with the PayPal account does not match the name on the PayPal account;

Return of an incoming Electronic Funds Transfer for insufficient funds in the bank account, incorrect bank routing number, or incorrect bank account number;

Use of an anonymizing proxy;

Participating in prohibited transactions and activities, including but not limited to multi-level marketing programs, gifting clubs and other pyramid schemes, and listing items for sale that have a delayed delivery date of 20 days or more after the transaction list, and other activities that are prohibited in Part II of this Agreement;

Reports from credit agencies of a high level of risk;

Receipt by PayPal of excessive complaints regarding your account, business or service; and/or

Logging in from a country not included on PayPal's permitted countries list.
Spoof website not online at time of report...

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