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Date Reported: 18th January 2006 Whats this? Risk Level: MEDIUM Whats this?
Email Subject:
 Your Account
Apparent Sender:
 Bank of America Whats this?
Return Address:
 Account Security < > Whats this?
Email Format:  HTML Whats this?
URL of Web Content: sitekey.html?iv=D6C2D9426D706E73&token= 28A31257BF196CB2D8305D9876A23B23EBD1FA 2BF12CF057EB5155CED6B3D640E83D253A826FC9 7F6B070FB4959A752106B65581E0E559FF Whats this?
 CA, US Whats this?
Scam number:
  • Email asks you to confirm/update/verify your account data at Bank of America by visiting the given link. You will be taken to a spoof website where your details will be captured for the phishers.

  • Bank of America never send their users emails requesting personal details in this way.

  • The spoof website this email links to was not online at time of this report, but variations of the scam which link to working websites are bound to exist, so be wary! The website may have been taken down or disabled by the hosts, but quite often these websites are hosted on the personal computer of the phishers, so may only be online at certain times.

  • The REAL URL of the spoof website has been chosen to look very similar to the actual Bank of America URL. Do not be fooled!
"Due to a recent high number of fraudulent transactions, we have issued the following security requirements."

Spoof website not online at time of report...

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