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At we have the internet's biggest archive of spoof email and phishing scams from the last few years. Here you will find a selection of the most popular scams we have encountered.

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ARCHIVE: March 2005 - March 2019

100 reports:

Halifax Bank 17th January 2009
Halifax Security News

"We are committed to protecting you when you bank with

Abbey 17th January 2009
Funds Have Been Transferred To Your Account

"JANE LESTER made an online funds transfer to your
online account.

Abbey Bank 17th January 2009
Your Access will be Restricted

"We are running our early year security routing check on
all Abbey National Bank account.

PayPal 17th January 2009
Your Account PayPal is Blocked!

"Dear valued PayPal Bank member:"

Abbey 17th January 2009

"Your account is suspended due to Abbey National Plc
major Terms are being changed.

Lloyds TSB Bank 18th January 2009
New Message

"Due to recent upgrade for the new banking season Lloyds
TSB Bank requires you to update your email address.

Halifax Bank 18th January 2009
Your Halifax Credit Card Application

"Thank you for choosing to apply for a Halifax Credit

Natwest 18th January 2009
We Are Upgrading To Our Year (2009) E-Server For Safe

"All Customers Are To Update There Online Banking
Security .

Abbey 18th January 2009
Accout Statement Overview Available

"We are contacting you to inform you of a new Abbey Bank
Account Electronic Activity is available.

Abbey 18th January 2009
Upgrade Your Internet Banking Profile To 2009 Intertnet
bankin Profile From Abbey National Plc

"Please Log On below to upgrade to the 2009 banking

Abbey 18th January 2009

"Due to blank information we receive from you and our
new innovative technology, we have made firewall
security, to give standard online banking service to
our customers.

BT 19th January 2009
IMPORTANT - Btinternet Service Message Alert!!!

"Btinternet Customer Service"

Abbey 19th January 2009

"Abbey National Bank is constantly working towards
security of all of it's online banking users.

Co-operative Bank 19th January 2009
Update your internet banking for effective usage.

"You are required to update your internet banking for
you to be able to use your online banking adequately.

Abbey 19th January 2009
Account alert

"Account alert"

Abbey 19th January 2009
Abbey Online Banking Alert : We have blocked access to
your accounts

"Abbey Online Banking Alert :"

Vodafone 19th January 2009
Unlimited FREE Text Messages

"You are now reading about the hottest mobile phone plan

Abbey 20th January 2009
Dear Abbey e-banking customer,

"During our regualry scheduled accounts maintenance and
verification procedures, we have detected a slight
error regarding your Abbey e-banking Account.

Abbey 20th January 2009
Abbey National online banking community alert

"It has come to our attention that your account
information needs to be confirmed.

Lloyds Tsb Bank 20th January 2009
New Security Standard:Upgrade Your Account Now

"New Security Standard"

RBS 20th January 2009
The Royal Bank of Scotland - Message Update.

"RBS Online Banking Fraud Alert"

LloydsTSB Bank 20th January 2009
New Security Update Alert

"Thanks for your co-operation."

Egg 20th January 2009
Important Email Updates

"As a part of our ongoing commitment to provide the
"Best Possible" service and Protection to all our
Members in year "2009", we are now requiring
each member to validate their accounts using our new
secure and safe SSL servers.

HSBC Bank 21st January 2009
Security Upgrade - Almost Here .

"We wrote to you recently about making sure your contact
details are up to date in time for a new security
feature being introduced for online transactions.

Amazon 21st January 2009
Credit/Debit Card Issue - Response Required

"Dear Amazon Member:"

NatWest 21st January 2009
Account Notification.

"We believe it is important to keep up to date with the
latest security updates.

Bank of Scotland 21st January 2009
Bank of Scotland customer service: urgent notification
Mon, 19 Jan 2009 12:15:28 +0300

"You have received this alerting message, as you are
listed to be an Bank of Scotland Business Banking user.

NatWest 21st January 2009
You have 1 new Security Message Alert!

"You have 1 new Security Message Alert!"

Abbey 21st January 2009
IMPORTANT UPDATE - Secure your savings with Abbey

"New upgrading have being made on our website as the
world largest and best bank in uk today.

Abbey 22nd January 2009
Important Security Update Due To Security Issue

"Security Alerts"

Natwest Bank 22nd January 2009
Alert - Update Your Online Security Access

"NatWest Online Banking Alert:"

Abbey 22nd January 2009
Online Banking Notice

"To confirm your identity and avoid limitations to your
Online Banking Access, Please visit the Abbey Secure

NatWest 22nd January 2009


Comerica Bank 22nd January 2009
Service message from Comerica Bank [message ref:

"You have received this alerting message, as you are
listed to be an Comerica Business Connect user.

Barclays Bank 22nd January 2009
Your Online Banking Notice!

"You have 1 new unread message click on the access my
account link below to view your account and check your
account messages

Bank of Scotland 23rd January 2009
Confirm Your Bank of Scotland Business Online Banking

"Dear Bank of Scotland Business client!"

Bank of America 23rd January 2009
Bank of America Alert : Your Account Has Been
Temporarily Suspended

"Online Security Alert:"

Cahoot 23rd January 2009
IMPORTANT NOTICE *Account Update Notificattion*

"During our regular update and verification of the
Cahoot Online Banking Service, we could not verify
your current information.

Cahoot Bank 23rd January 2009
IMPORTANT - Cahoot Bank Security Alert!

"We would like to inform you that Cahoot Online has been
subject to recent phishing attacks.

Alliance Leicester Bank 23rd January 2009
Security Alert :Due to Various Invalid Attempt to login
to Your Account onlineŽ

"You have 2 new important message waiting in your inbox

Natwest 23rd January 2009
Natwest Online Banking: Unauthorized Access

"Unauthorized Access Notification"

Abbey 24th January 2009

"Dear valued Abbey Online Customer:"

HSBC 24th January 2009
PrivacyGuard Implementation

"Due to the fraudulent activities noticed on our
Internet banking system, we have decided to make an
Update page for you, your account (s) and for security

Cahoot 24th January 2009
Security alert Sat, 24 Jan 2009 10:06:45 +0200

"You have received this alerting message, as you are
listed to be an cahoot online banking user.

Lloyds TSB Bank 24th January 2009
Unauthorized Transactions on your Internet Banking

"Unauthorized Transactions on your Internet Banking"

Alliance&leicester Bank 24th January 2009
Update Your Contact Details (Telephone Banking Pin)


Lloyds TSB Bank 24th January 2009
Lloyds TSB - Useful Information

"Re-access your account online :"

Halifax Bank 25th January 2009
Halifax Bank Alert : Account Re-activation

"personal and business services"

Abbey 25th January 2009
IMPORTANT UPDATE - Secure your savings with Abbey

"Best Regards."

Halifax 25th January 2009
Details Update

"Please update your records with us."

PayPal 25th January 2009
Alert ! PayPal Account Disabled..

"PayPal is constantly working to ensure security by
regularly screening the accounts is our system.

Abbey 25th January 2009
Important Access Suspended

"Your access to online services has been suspended, due
to a miss-match access code .

LloydsTSB Bank 25th January 2009
New Security Message Alert !.?

"You Have One New Security Message Alert"

NatWest 26th January 2009
Important Message From NatWest Online Banking!!!

"We requested information from you for some reason,
please follow and provide the required information to
continue, you will be asked to enter your full security

HSBC Bank 26th January 2009
Security Upgrade - Contact Numbers .

"Log In"

WAMU 26th January 2009
Washington Mutual - Your Customer Profile Has Been

"On January 26th to 28th 2009 we sent a message
notifying you of the inconsistency within your banking

HSBC Bank 26th January 2009
New security features to online users.

"*This message was transferred with a trial version of
CommuniGate(tm) Pro*

HSBC Bank 26th January 2009
Account Update Notification

"As a part of our ongoing commitment to provide the
"Best Possible" service and Protection to all our
Members in year "2009", we are now requiring
each member to validate their accounts using our new
secure and safe SSL servers.

Lloyds TSB 26th January 2009
Please login to your Lloyds TSB Banking

"Please login to your Lloyds TSB Banking and visit the
Message Center section in order to read the message.

HSBC 27th January 2009
HSBC Business Internet Banking User Notice: Details

"Dear HSBC Business customer!"

HSBC 27th January 2009
Activate HSBC SecurityKey

"How Safe Are You?"

Egg 27th January 2009
Customer Service Message

"We are constantly working towards upgrading our
internet banking security to ensure the integrity of
our online banking system.

Halifax Bank 27th January 2009
Your Online Banking Account Has Been Temporarily

"To protect your accounts, our monitoring process has
temporarily suspended your online access.

Alliance & Leicester 27th January 2009
Secure online banking - Taking security seriously

"We've suspended you from logging into Alliance &
Leichester Online Banking.

Abbey Bank 27th January 2009
Abbey Bank AlertCredit Card Payment Notification.

"Internet Banking access to your accounts has been
blocked Internet Banking access blocked

First Direct 28th January 2009
IMPORTANT! Its All About Security

"Account Confirmation"

Bank of America 28th January 2009
Update Your Account Information

"Please read:"

Abbey 28th January 2009
IMPORTANT UPDATE - Secure Your Savings With Abbey

"During our regular update and verification of the abbey
Online Banking Service, we could not verify your
current information.

Bank Of America 28th January 2009
Online Notification:

"Bank of America is devoted to keeping a safe
environment for its community of consumers and

Halifax 28th January 2009
Dear valued Halifax (R) Member

"You must click the Login below and enter your login
information on the following page to confirm your
Billing Information records...

HSBC Bank 28th January 2009
Win AED 100,000 - Update Your Details - Action Required

"Please fill in your personal details within 2 days, and
you can win AED 100,000.

Co-operative Bank 29th January 2009
Online Access Verification

"We're making some exciting changes that will make your
online banking experience even better, We therefore
request you to verify your location.

Alliance & Leicester 29th January 2009
Internet Banking Access Blocked

"We use the very latest industry-standard technology,
plus multiple levels of security to safeguard your
personal and transaction details, so that you can bank
online with confidence.

Egg 29th January 2009
Security Notice

"In the past few weeks we have being informing our
customers about the upgrade in our security server.

eBay 29th January 2009
You have received a question about eBay item Brand new
SONY PSP with 2 Years Warranty

"You got my $500 2 weeks ago and there is no response
from you ..

Abbey 29th January 2009
Secure Your Online Banking User

"Abbey National is constantly working to increase
security for online banking users.

Alliance & Leicester 29th January 2009
Alliance&Leicester Customer Your Online Banking
Suspension Notice

"Your Internet banking Profile has been
temporarily suspended.

Bank of America 30th January 2009
Bank of America Alert: Online Access Suspension

"Please Note:"

eBay 30th January 2009
This member has a question for you.

"Please get me back to me as soon as you can with
further information about the shipping of the plasma tv
that i have bought from you.

Alliance & Leicester 30th January 2009
Alliance & Leicester Commercial Online Banking Please
Update Your Identity!

"Dear Alliance & Leicester Commercial client!"

Co-operative Bank 30th January 2009
Message Alert: Verify Your Online Banking

"Due to security reasons we will want you to confirm
your access details by clicking on the verfiy my
account details link below

Co-operative Bank 30th January 2009
Your internet banking access has been suspended

"Your internet banking access has been suspended due to
many unsuccessful login attempt.

Alliance & Leicester 30th January 2009
Alliance & Leicester Business Internet Banking Urgent
Security Information Id: 818

"Dear Alliance & Leicester Business client!"

RBS 31st January 2009
Secure Service Notices ! : Your Rbs Account.

"Click on "LOG IN" to complete Validate Your Account"

PayPal 31st January 2009
Restore Your Account.

"PayPal is pleased to notify our online banking
customers that we have successfully upgraded to a
more secure and encrypted SSL servers to serve our
esteemed customers for a better and more efficent
banking services in the year 2009.

Egg 31st January 2009
keeps your information secure

"Due to concerns, for the safety and integrity of your
bank account we have issued this warning message.

Co-Operative Bank 31st January 2009
Co-Operative Internet Banking Account Security Upgrade.

"Security and Privacy"

PayPal 31st January 2009
Attention to your PayPal account balance is needed

"Recently your Paypal account balance has fallen below

Co-operative Bank 31st January 2009
Co-operative Bank Internet Banking Access Blocked

"Cooperative Bank has been receiving complaints from our
customers for unauthorised use of the Cooperative
Online banking accounts.

Cahoot Bank 1st February 2009
Cahoot Online Banking - Message Updates.

"We believe it is important to keep up to date with the
latest security updates.

Citibank 1st February 2009
Security Alert ID: TB3901

"Your account has been blocked."

Abbey 1st February 2009
Attention to your account balance is needed

"Recently your account balance has fallen below zero."

Halifax Bank 1st February 2009
Important - Update Your Account

"Please click on Sign in to Secured Online Banking to
continue the Update of your account information to the
verification process.

Abbey 1st February 2009
Online Access Suspended

"Your online account has been suspended (reason: terms
of service violation).

Hsbc Bank 1st February 2009
Hsbc Local Bank: Your New Security Update

"You have 2 new Alert Message !"

Natwest 2nd February 2009
Online Authentication

"We noticed that you need to update your Natwest Online
Account .

Co-operative Bank 2nd February 2009

"Security issue"

Abbey 2nd February 2009
Security Notice: Update Your Records

"Update Your Records"

Lloyds TSB Bank 2nd February 2009
Security Upgrade:-

"This might have happened because:"

Egg Bank 2nd February 2009
Egg Online Banking

"You have 1 new Security Message Alert!"