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For Webmasters

You can show the latest Spoof Email and Phishing Scams from within your own content, and help in building awareness, by using our Scam Alerts News Feed on your site.

Below is a script generator which will produce the necessary code to include in your pages.

The output can be refined with styles and fonts and we've included some examples below the form with script snippets. If you'd rather use them than generate your own code, you can do so by copying and pasting the code given with each example. Use the Preview button to get an idea of how it will look with the options that you have selected, then use the Generate Code button to get the code for your site. You can then copy and paste the code into your own page code.

Use the options below to preview the RSS Feed and generate the code to use it in your own web pages...


Show Feed Title? (shows "Scam Alert Service" at the top of the feed)
yes no

Number of Headlines Enter the number of headlines to be displayed (enter 0 to show all available which will be about one whole month's worth)

Show Item Summaries? These are short descriptions relating to the scam ('no' means the title only is displayed)
yes no

Show Item Publication date? display the date and time that the Scam was added to the feed
yes no



For News Aggregators/Readers

Users can either use a dedicated News Reader which runs from their computer or a web based Aggregator service. These readers allow users to add and view multiple feeds of their choice. Desktop RSS Readers look and feel similar to email programs like Outlook Express™ and display the web pages, which are summarised in the feed, and from within the reader itself or a your web browser.

News Readers for your desktop include RssReader available for download from

Web based aggregators include, and NewsApp. Yahoo are currently running a beta version so that their users can include their chosen feed(s) in their My Yahoo pages. also offer a free tool bar with RSS Feed display capabilities so you can see news within your browser bar.

There are some very good sites which list and detail the many RSS News Feeds that are available to tap into, including,

Once you have chosen a means of accessing RSS Feeds, you will want to add the Scam Alert Service. You can do this by using the following URL in your reader or aggregator - http://www.millersmiles.
(right click and select copy, then paste it into the 'add new feed' facility of your reader/aggregator).

Our RSS Feed lists the most recent and up to the minute reports going back over the last calender month.

Each program or aggregator gives their own options for changing the amount of headlines and/or detail included for viewing.


  Example Feeds with code snippets

  Example A ...   Example B ...


get the code for example A ...
get the code for example B ...
Example C ... Example D ...


get the code for example C ...



get the code for example D ...



What is an RSS News Feed?

RSS (Rich Site Summary) News Feeds are a growing method of delivering web content, having been first created by David Winer in 1997 (then called scriptingNews), Netscape developed it into its first widespread version in 1999. Its key use is in delivering up to the minute news content, especially since the feeds are automatically updated the instant that the provider's news pages are added to their site. News content can include all manner of subjects but more importantly, breaking news of software bugs and vulnerabilities as well as local and worldwide news room headlines.

Web Surfers - RSS News Feeds offer internet users a means of viewing multiple web page title and content summaries from within either a News Aggregator or a web page. A News Aggregator is a piece of software or web page which can display these RSS feeds and offer the user the ability to add RSS News Feeds of their choice, an aggregator can be a stand alone application on your desktop (looking similar to an email program), or it can be a web site or page. Many sites now provide RSS News Feeds, including BBC, Yahoo, Slashdot and CNET to name but a few, and many sites also offer users the ability to add news feeds to their personal membership pages (such as My Yahoo).

Webmasters - RSS News Feeds also offer webmasters the ability to display syndicated Rss News Feeds on their web pages thereby broadening their content and delivering up to the minute news and information to their users.


Stay informed of the latest Spoof Email Phishing Scams with either of our FREE alert services...

Stay informed of the latest Spoof Email Phishing Scams with either of our FREE alert services...

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