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eBay Regular Maintenance - Spoof Email Phishing Scam
13th May 2004

please forward any scams you've received to


Report Summary
Date Reported
first reported 2nd March 2004 and again on 17th March 2004
Apparent Sender
Return Address
eBay Regular Maintenance
disguised link leads to bogus web content
Bogus Web Content?
URL of web content

Employs script to open the bogus page without address bar.


eBay Spoofed regular maintenance email is back in distribution...


This spoof eBay email (see image below) is in HTML format and contains a 'Start' button which will lead you to a bogus eBay web page (see image below). The button link has been coded to exploit the URL Spoofing vulnerability in Internet Explorer browsers (to test your browser - see link on right).

The bogus eBay web page is further coded to open without the address bar present in order to conceal its true URL (see image below). The true URL is which resolves to web space at and is registered to an individual in France.

See the bogus web page snapshots below, which indicate that you would firstly arrive at a very convincing introdution page, foillowed by a form to provide the information which the scammers want to steal from you. What follows includes a confirmation page and a thank you page, but no redirection to the main eBay site as is usual.

If you have received this email, please remember that it is very common for these email scams to be redistributed at a later date with only slightly different content or the same but with the fake page(s) hosted by a different provider. Also, once you have received one of these hoaxes, it is also common place to receive at least another one and usually a day or two after the first, although not necessarily from the same apparent sender.


The Spoof Email ...

eBay Regular Maintenance - Spoof Email Phishing Scam


The first 2 bogus web pages...

eBay Regular Maintenance - Spoof Email Phishing Scam

eBay Regular Maintenance - Spoof Email Phishing Scam

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