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! Warning all Natwest Bank users
3rd July 2004

please forward any scams you've received to


Report Summary
Date Reported
3rd July 2004
Apparent Sender
Natwest Bank
Return Address
Natwest <>
! Warning all Natwest Bank users .
HTML (image only).
disguised link leads to bogus web content
Bogus Web Content?
URL of web content

Traced to a server near Pittsburgh, USA


1. When link is clicked, a blank page opens with the title 'Natwest', but with an undisguised, non-descriptive URL. A popup window is then opened by Javascript code embedded in the page, that prompts for details, (see picture below).


" Dear client of the National Westminster Bank, As the technical service of bank have been currently updating the software"...

If you have received this email, please remember that it is very common for these email scams to be redistributed at a later date with only slightly different content or the same but with the fake page(s) hosted by a different provider. Also, once you have received one of these hoaxes, it is also common place to receive at least another one and usually a day or two after the first, although not necessarily from the same apparent sender.


The Spoof Email ...


The bogus web page...

Official notice for all Lloyds TSB online customers - forged pop up window.


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Stay informed of the latest Spoof Email Phishing Scams with either of our FREE alert services...

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