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9th December 2004

please forward any scams you've received to

Report Summary
Date Reported
9th December 2004
Apparent Sender
Mr. Tola Chuwang
Return Address
hgj < >

Another classic '419' Nigerian style of scam - sender claims to be trying to pass on large ammounts of money. But on answering you'll be hit with requests for 'administration fees' before you see any money. These fees will keep coming until you give up, but there is no money!

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1. A '419' style of scam. Scammer claims to be the accountant of a recently deceased client and wishes you to help 'transfer' their money for a financial reward. If you go along with them you will be hit with requests for money to cover 'administration fees', but you'll never actually see any returns, and the scammers will simply disappear!

2. Notice that the sender uses a free, web based email address which is basically untraceable.


" I am an Accountant with STB Nig. Plc. My name is MR.TOLA CHUWANG. "...

If you have received this email, please remember that it is very common for these email scams to be redistributed at a later date with only slightly different content or the same but with the fake page(s) hosted by a different provider. Also, once you have received one of these hoaxes, it is also common place to receive at least another one and usually a day or two after the first, although not necessarily from the same apparent sender.


The Spoof Email ...






I am an Accountant with STB Nig. Plc. My name is MR.TOLA CHUWANG. I am the Personal Account Manager to one Engineer BRIAN MONROE a dual National of the United States of America, and of an Australian origin which he disclose to me and his personal lawyer. He worked with the Ajeokuta Steel Rolling Company in Nigeria. My client and his wife were involved in an auto accident on the 27st of May, 2003 and they both died after an unsuccessful attempt by the medical doctors to rescue their lives.

Since then, I have made several inquiries to his embassy to locate any of my client's extended Relatives, but this has proved unsuccessful. Then after these several unsuccessful moves, I and his lawyer decided that we should contact you as the deceased next of kin. The issue is not whether you have the same last or surname or not, but the emphasis is just to present you by me and his lawyer as directed by a magistrate court here in Nigeria.

As his personal Account Manager,I and his lawyer have made investigations and discovered that he did not state any next of kin in all his documents with the bank. I have contacted you to assist in being the beneficiary as the next of kin to this sum of Fourteen Million Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars(US$14.2M)which he deposited in a fixed deposit account in my Bank(STB NIG.

The fact is that the fiscal policy regulating banks in Nigeria, does not permit a fixed deposit account whose owner is dead to remain unclaimed for a period of two years. This is the reason I have to contact you in ernest before the Federal Government of Nigeria get this huge sum of money confisticated as an unclaimed fund.

There will be a mutual agreement on how the percentage sharing should be decided. But all these will happen after you must have indicated your interest to assist us by send the following:-

(1) Your full name and address

(2) Your private phone and fax

(3) Your bank account. You may be required to open a fresh bank account for the purpose of this transaction, if you do not intend to use your already existing one.

I assure you that, as soon as you indicate your interest to willingly assist us as the beneficiary, then I will go ahead to detail you on the role you are required to play.

All I require is your honest cooperation to enable us see this deal through. I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law. We also intend investing a huge percentage of our share after sharing, into vaible business opportunities in your country through your assistance.

If you are interested in this transaction, please, strictly contact me on my alternative email address(,so that I could give you more details on the workings of this transaction.

Best Regards.

Mr. Tola Chuwang.

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