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At we have the internet's biggest archive of spoof email and phishing scams from the last few years. Here you will find a selection of the most popular scams we have encountered.

We are currently storing ALL scam reports with our HoneyTrap database which is now available for commercial license. We currently hold 2526616 scams in this database. Click here for information on the database.

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ARCHIVE: March 2005 - February 2019

100 reports:

Abbey Bank 28th November 2007
Digital Service Update

"Our Maintenance Department is doing a planned Digital
Service update

Sun West Federal Credit Union 28th November 2007
Confirm your identity !

"Sun West Federal Credit Union is constantly working to
ensure security by regularly screening the accounts in
our system.

Barclays 28th November 2007
Online Notification: Your Online Banking Profile Has
Been Locked

"Re-Update Your Online Banking"

Halifax Bank 28th November 2007
Halifax Online Service Team Notification

"Online Service Team"

Lloyds TSB 28th November 2007
Lloyds TSB Internet Banking Alert : Account Access

"Lloyds TSB Security Precaution"

eBay 28th November 2007
Your winning bidder is suspended!

"Your winning bidder is suspended!"

Abbey 29th November 2007
Ebanking Notice

"Abbey National PLC has been receiving complaints from
our customers for unauthorised use of their Online Bank

Cahoot Bank 29th November 2007
Important Notification: Online Banking Security
Reactivation Procedure

"Security Alert"

eBay 29th November 2007
Message from eBay Member Regarding Item #186540076869

"Question from hithteball"

Natwest Bank 29th November 2007
Important Notice : Update Your Online Account

"Your access to Online Services has been deactivated."

Nationwide 29th November 2007
Urgent Read Now.Error Logging In,Due To Internet
banking Data Power Outage..

"We would like to apologize for the inconvenience you
might have faced due to issues with Nationwide
Internetbanking over the last few days.

Downey Savings 29th November 2007
50th Anniversary! Survey and WIN $100.00!

"In return we will credit $100.00 to your account and
another chance to WIN $5050 with our Golden
Anniversary Sweepstakes.

West Bend Savings Bank 30th November 2007
Unauthorized Activity

"You have received this email because you or someone had
used your account from different locations.

RBS 30th November 2007
RBS Online Service - Account Notification

"Customer Service:"

Abbey 30th November 2007
Update Your Billing Information

"We are constantly working to increase security for all
online Banking users.

Visa 30th November 2007
Your Card is Limited for Online Services

"Fraudulent activity made it necessary to limit your
card for online services.

HSBC Bank 30th November 2007
IMPORTANT SECURITY ALERT [Message Code:#47AS87400125D]

"Please note that our system recently noted that your
attemption of signing on to your account was failed
while some errors occured during the processing update
of your online account you are having with our bank.

Nationwide 30th November 2007
Internet Banking - Fraudulent Unit Department

"Nationwide Internet Banking has been receiving
complaints from our customers for unauthorised use of
the Nationwide Internet Banking accounts.

eBay 1st December 2007
Notification Id: 370991

"We are writing to alert you that your balance is not
paid, because Your card issuer declined our attempt to
charge Your card with your monthly invoice amount.

Abbey 1st December 2007
Customer Service: New Security Standard.!!!

"Customer Service: New Security Standard"

Numerica Credit Union 1st December 2007
Renew Now

"Numerica Credit Union temporarily limited your account"

Regions 1st December 2007
Critical account information

"Due to concerns of account frauds, for the safety and
integrity of the Regions account we have issued this
warning message.

Egg Bank 1st December 2007
Important Security Message

"Egg Online Bank has been receiving complaints from our
customers for unauthorised use of the Egg Online

Egg Bank 1st December 2007
Verify Your Account Detail Now

"It has come to our notice that during the regular
updates of your account informaton our processors
encountered some problems while verifying your account

Internal Revenue Service 2nd December 2007
Notification of Tax Refund on your VISA or MasterCard

"> To access the form for your tax refund please
copy/paste the link below in your browser (or click
the link below)

Regions Bank 2nd December 2007
Your Online Account With Regions Bank!

"We regularly perform scheduled maintenance for our
iTreasury and Regions InterAct customers.

ANZ 2nd December 2007
Update Your (ANZ) Online Banking Today

"As part of our security measures, we regularly screen
activity in the ANZ Internet Banking system.

Wells Fargo 2nd December 2007
Security Upgrade Alert: Update Your Online Information

"Please Update Your Information:"

Bank of America 2nd December 2007
Banking Alert - Action Required

"Wed like to thank you for using Bank of America online

HSBC Bank 2nd December 2007

"The world's local bank"

Lloyds TSB 3rd December 2007
Important information Regarding Lloyds TSB

"We recently reviewed your account, and suspected that
your Lloyds TSB account might have been accessed by an
unauthorized third party.

Wells Fargo 3rd December 2007
invalid login attempts on your account.

"During our routine check we noticed a log of invalid
login attempts on your account.

PayPal 3rd December 2007
Receipt for Your Payment.

"This email confirms that you have sent an eBay payment
of $47.75 USD to for an eBay

MasterCard 3rd December 2007
You have (1) Message from MasterCard Secure Code

"Thelog in attempt was made from-ISP host:

PayPal 3rd December 2007
Cancel Payment transaction id #POS04-U9345

"Real payment ?"

NatWest 3rd December 2007
NatWest Online Banking.

"Security Updates:"

PayPal 4th December 2007
Please Restore Your Account Access

"Notification of Limited Account Access"

eBay 4th December 2007
New Message Alert!

"You have 1 new Security Message Alert!"

Abbey 4th December 2007
Important Banking Mail: New Security Standard.

"Important Banking Mail: New Security Standard"

Lorain National Bank 4th December 2007
Your Lorain National Bank Account Has Been Restricted

"Because of several failed sign on attempts to your
online account, your Lorain National Bank account
features have been restricted as of the time of this

Lloyds TSB 4th December 2007
Lloyds TSB Customer Service: Restore Your Internet
Banking Access

"Customer Service:"

HSBC Bank 4th December 2007
Your Online Account With HSBC Bank!

"HSBC Client Service Team requests you to complete the
Customer Confirmation Form (CCF).

eBay 5th December 2007
eBay Unpaid Item Mutual Agreement for Item
#220167484319 - Response Required

"We are contacting you about the following item: RALPH

Wells Fargo 5th December 2007
Update Your WellsFargo Online Banking Informations !

"Dear valued WellsFargo member:"

Bank of Lancaster County 5th December 2007
Billing Failure Notification #27329

"Back of Lancaster County temporarily suspended your

Fifth Third Bank 5th December 2007
Important Message For Fifth Third Bank Client! (message
id: o286687995dx)

"Fifth Third Customer Service requests you to complete
Commercial Banking Online Form.

Citibank 5th December 2007
CitiBusiness: details confirmation! (mess_id:

"We regularly perform scheduled maintenance for our
CitiBusiness Online customers.

Bank of America 5th December 2007
LAST NOTICE : Update your account information

"Please follow the link below and sign in to update
your account information:

U.S. Bank 6th December 2007
US Bank Alerts: Update Your Online Information

"This email was sent by the Usbank team to verify your
e-mail address, and to protect you from online theft
for the end of year 2007.

Llyods TSB Bank 6th December 2007
Lloyds Bank - Protect Your Account Online

"We're committed to making your Internet banking
experience as safe as possible.

Abbey 6th December 2007
Your Account Has Been Breached

"Potential Security Breach has been suspected On Your

eBay 6th December 2007
eBay New Message Received from Seller for Item

"eBay member nelliglez has left you a message regarding
item #280111958799 on Dec-04-2007.

PayPal 6th December 2007
Dispute transaction

"This email confirms that you have sent an eBay payment
of $47.85 USD to for an eBay item.

PayPal 6th December 2007
Receipt for Your Payment.

"This email confirms that you have sent an eBay payment
of $47.75 USD to for an eBay

Abbey 7th December 2007
Important : Security Alert On Your Abbey Account !!!

"We believed that someone other than you is trying to
access your Account For security reasons, we have
temporarily Flagged your Online Access and your access
to online banking will be restricted if you fail to
Verify and re-confirm your membership details.

Alliance & Leicester Commercia 7th December 2007
You have 1 new ALERT message.

"You have 1 new ALERT message"

eBay 7th December 2007
Question from eBay Member regarding Item #320189950244

"eBay sent this message from Richard Gore

Halifax Bank 7th December 2007
Maintainance Upgrade

"Please update your records on informations with us."

NatWest 7th December 2007
Account Status Notification

"In accordance with NatWest Internet Banking User
Agreement and to ensure that your account has not been
accessed from fraudulent locations, access to your
account has been limited.

Lloyds TSB Bank 7th December 2007
IMPORTANT :- Security Precaution Lloyds TSB Internet

"Personal and business account"

BB&T Bank 8th December 2007
Important - Action Required for your Online Security

"Please Note:"

Abbey 8th December 2007

"Please update your records now."

Nationwide 8th December 2007
Nationwide Online IP Verification

"Nationwide is committed to helping the clients for the
safety of managing there account online.

Natwest 8th December 2007
Update Your Account To Avoid Fraudulent Activities

"Natwest's Internet Banking, is here by announcing the
New Security Upgrade.

Lloyds TSB 8th December 2007
Verify Your Accunt Detail Now!

"Due to the recent amount of fraudlent emails that has
targeted our customers, Lloyd TSB Banksecure has
updated her security servers to ensure safe and secure
experience of our client in our online banking.

Lloydstsb Bank 8th December 2007
Important Notice From Lloydstsb Internet Banking

"Due to concerns, for the safety and integrity of your
Lloydstsb Bank account we have issued this warning

Bank of America 9th December 2007
Bank of America Unauthorized Account(s) Access (Secure
Code: UB05-C0B1-A-1)

"To update your Bank of America records click on the
following link:

MidAmerica Bank 9th December 2007
You have one new message at MidAmerica Bank

"As the Primary Contact, you must renew the service(s)
listed below or it will be deactivated (if you are a
first time user) or deleted.

AOL 9th December 2007
Warning : Your AOL account could be suspended !!

"Please verify that your billing information is correct
to avoid interruption of your AOL Services.

eBay 9th December 2007
Notification id: 303276

"We are writing to alert you that your balance is not
paid, because Your card issuer declined our attempt to
charge Your card with your purchase invoice amount.

HSBC Bank 9th December 2007
Account Identity Check


Central Bank 9th December 2007
You have 1 new message from home@bank

"You have 1 new Message Alert!"

eBay 10th December 2007
Question about Item -- Respond Now

"eBay sent this message from eBay Security System"

eBay 10th December 2007
eBay Bid Cancellation!

"The bid that has been entered for the item (
130042365011 ) has been cancelled .

Chase 10th December 2007
Welcome to the Chase Security Center

"During our Security Center regular maintainance period
it has come to our attention that your Billing
Information is out of date.

MidAmerica Bank 10th December 2007
Dear Customer

"If you fail to provide information about your account
you'll discover that your account has been
automatically deleted from our database.

NCUA 10th December 2007
Sorry for inconvenience

"In our turn we will credit $50 to your account - Just
for your time!

Central Bank 10th December 2007
Central Bank - Critical Account Information

"During our regularly scheduled account maintenance and
verification procedures, we have detected a slight
error in your billing information.

Egg Bank 11th December 2007
Message Alert - You Have 1 Unread Message

"You have a new message waiting in your Inbox Folder."

Sun National Bank 11th December 2007
Account Limited

"Sun National Bank Temporary Limited your account."

Abbey Bank 11th December 2007
Online Access Suspended.

"Your access to Online Services has been suspended due
to a miss-match of access code between your personal
security details.

Alliance & Leicester 11th December 2007
Customer database regular maintenance.

"We are currently performing regular maintenance of our
security measures for online banking and customer

Westpac 11th December 2007
Westpac Online Banking Test Drive

"A new way of banking online"

eBay 11th December 2007
eBay New Unpaid Item Message from dg1ng32

"eBay member dg1ng32 has left you a message regarding
item #150006233575

Wachovia Bank 12th December 2007
Wachovia Bank Online Security Notification

"Wachovia Bank Online Security Notification"

Citibank 12th December 2007
Notification from Citibank

"If this is not completed , we will be forced to suspend
your account indefinitely, as it may have been used for
fraudulent purposes.

NatWest 12th December 2007
REF# 2110 Important Information Regarding Your Account

"We appreciate your business. It's truly our pleasure to
serve you.

NatWest Bank 12th December 2007
Customer Service Message

"During our usual security enhancement protocol, we
observed multiple login attempt error while login in to
your online NatWest account.

Abbey Bank 12th December 2007
New Security Notification

"It has come to our attention that your Abbey
information needs to be restored as part of our
continuing commitment to protect your account in the
coming year(2008) to reduce the instance of fraud on
our website.

Lloyds TSB 12th December 2007
Lloyds TSB Account Reminder

"This e-mail is to inform you to check your online
account activity status, if your online activities has
being up to date, in order for us to continue our
periodic agreement activity safely.

Nationwide 13th December 2007
Customer Notices : Your Account Is About To Expire

"Nationwide Building Society"

HSBC 13th December 2007
Urgent security notification for client!

"This procedure is obligatory for all HSBC Bank business

U.S.Bank 13th December 2007
Update Your Account Information

"This email was sent by the Usbank server to verify your
e-mail address.

Regions 13th December 2007
Online Security Upgrade Alert

"Due to our RECENT upgrade, we kindly request you to
update your online banking details, do not hesitate
to fill all the requested information(s) in the link
below and reconfirm your online account details.

HSBC 13th December 2007
Ensure The Integrity Of Your Online Banking

"News Alert:Enhance Online Security"

Sooper Credit Union 13th December 2007
Sooper Credit Union : 1 NEW MESSAGE .

"We are currently performing regular maintenance of our
security measures.

Abbey National Bank 14th December 2007
We Are Unable To Verify Your Account Information

"Abbey national is proud to announce to you of a new
ugrade in our security servers.

HSBC 14th December 2007
Please verify your account information !

"To continue the verification process and ensure your
account security sign in to Online Account Services.

Vodafone 14th December 2007
Sign up for Vodafone E-Topup and receive 50 calling
credit free

"Sign up for it today and receive 50 calling credit
free, just click here to sign up.

Abbey National Bank 14th December 2007
Abbey National Bank Plc User Mail: Data Confirmation

"Dear Abbey National Bank E-banking Online customer!"