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At we have the internet's biggest archive of spoof email and phishing scams from the last few years. Here you will find a selection of the most popular scams we have encountered.

We are currently storing ALL scam reports with our HoneyTrap database which is now available for commercial license. We currently hold 2537209 scams in this database. Click here for information on the database.

Please note the most recent scams are listed on the home page. It is also recommended you search for a specific scam, rather than trawling through the archives!

Note: This site has been recently redesigned, so a lot of our older reports are in a different format to our current recent ones.

ARCHIVE: March 2005 - March 2019

100 reports:

PayPal 12th May 2008
Security Notice - We have limited access to your PayPal
account .

"Account Locked !"

Lloyds TSB 12th May 2008
Lloyds TSB - Restriction Warning

"Our Banking-standard level of security ensures that
you can always access your Lloyds TSB accounts online
with confidence.

Wachovia 13th May 2008
Second Warning

"Second Warning"

Bank Of America 13th May 2008
WARNING ! Your online banking profile has been locked !
Please unlock your profile !

"Therefore, as a preventative measure, your profile has
been locked due to inactivity or because of too many
failed login attempts.

EPPICard 13th May 2008
EPPICard Security Advisor!

"Account Verification"

NatWest Bank 13th May 2008
Account Notification: Unable to Verify Your Online
Banking Details

"Verification of your current details."

NatWest 13th May 2008
NatWest Customer Services Department Customer Alert

"Natwest safeguard your account when there is a
possibility that someone other than you is signing on.

Egg Bank 13th May 2008
Urgent Attention (Update Your Egg Bank Account

"Egg Security Precaution"

Natwest Bank 14th May 2008
Natwest Bank OnLine Banking - Important Security

"Our Technical Division is performing a planned Personal
and Business Banking software upgrade

eBay 14th May 2008
eBay New Unpaid Item Message from dgin2a:

"eBay New Unpaid Item Message from dgin2a:"

Bank Of America 14th May 2008
Update Your Account Information

"Click here to Sign in to your Bank of america account
to reactivate your account now.

Internal Revenue Service 14th May 2008
IRS - Economic Stimulus Refund Program

"Over 130 million Americans will receive refunds
as part of President Bush program to jumpstart the

Natwest Bank 14th May 2008
Natwest Bank Electronic Banking Strongly Recommends --
REF: 749

"Our Support Unit is carrying out a planned On-line
Banking Service upgrade

Halifax 14th May 2008
Halifax Security Alert - ( Our Security System Has
Developed Problems )

"Due to database operations error,some online banking
accounts can be lost .

Lloyds TSB 14th May 2008
Third Party Access Your Account - NOTE

"True to our promise to keep your internet banking
account safe and secure from fraudsters,our online
security team has discovered Log Ons to your account
from the following IPs :

Wells Fargo 14th May 2008
Update and Unlock your Wells Fargo account

"During our regularly scheduled account maintenance and
verification procedures, we have detected a slight
error in your billing information.

Halifax 14th May 2008
Customer Services Alerts : Reconfirm Your Online

"Halifax Bank is sending you this notification message
because we seem to be having errors in the proper
verification of your account.

Lloyds TSB Bank 14th May 2008
Online Service Access: Account Error

"Online Service Access: Account Error"

Halifax 14th May 2008
message waiting in your inbox folder.


Barclays 14th May 2008
Barclays OnLine Banking Online Service

"Dear Barclays Plc user!"

Bank Of America 15th May 2008
Security Alert - Confirm Your Account Information

"Verify Your Account Information"

RBS 15th May 2008
Account Access Warning: Inactive Access To Your Online

"Important Security Alert:"

RBS 15th May 2008
IMPORTANT * Online Service Precautions

"During our regularly scheduled account maintenance and
verification procedures, we have detected a slight
error in your billing information.

Jeffco Credit Union 15th May 2008
Jeffco Credit Union : Suspended .

"Important Information Regarding Your Jeffco Credit
Union Account.

Halifax 15th May 2008
Important Message

"Due to the high number of fraud attempts and phishing
scams, it has been decided to implement EV SSL
Certification on this Internet Banking website.

Cahoot 15th May 2008
Online Banking Security Reactivation Procedure

"Online Service Access: Account Locked"

E-Gold 16th May 2008
**Activate Your Account**

"Account trouble"

RBS 16th May 2008
Customer Mail: Your Account In Royal Bank of Scotland

"Our Technical Unit is performing a planned OnLine
Banking Service update

Halifax Bank 16th May 2008
Important Information - Confirm Your Online Identity

"We noticed recent update and changes on your Online

EPPICard 16th May 2008
Account security measures

"EPPICard Online Department has recently reviewed your
account, and suspect that your EPPICard account may
have been accessed from an unauthorized computer or by
a third party.

RBS 16th May 2008
Attention: Royal Bank of Scotland Private and Business
Customer REF: 3431

"Our Support Subdivision is doing a planned OnLine
Banking Service update

RBS 16th May 2008
Royal Bank of Scotland Direct and Digital Banking
Service: Please Authorize Your Data

"Dear Royal Bank of Scotland On-line Banking member!"

Cahoot 17th May 2008
You have 1 new Security Message Alert!

"During our regularly scheduled account maintenance and
verification procedures, we have detected a slight
error in your account information.

RBS 17th May 2008
Please Re-Update Your Royal Bank Card

"Royal Bank. always look forward for the high security
of our clients.

EPPICard 17th May 2008
Unsucsesfull password reset.

"Account status: Suspended"

Natwest Bank 17th May 2008
Natwest On-line Banking Urgent Notification From
Billing Department -- Id: 213

"Our Support Department is doing a planned Electronic
Banking software update

RBS 17th May 2008
Access to this service is currently unavailable

"Your access to this service is currently unavailable ."

RBS 17th May 2008
Urgent Internet Banking Message From Royal Bank of
Scotland On-line Banking

"Dear Royal Bank of Scotland Digital Banking customer!"

EPPICard 18th May 2008
Security Mesures!


Barclays 18th May 2008
Verify Your The Barclays Personal and Business Details

"Dear The Barclays UK user!"

Natwest Bank 18th May 2008
Important Banking Service Notice From Natwest Bank
OnLine Banking

"Dear NatWest Bank Electronic Banking member!"

Abbey 18th May 2008
Abbey National Personal and Commercial: Login

"Dear Abbey National Personal and Commercial Banking

Abbey 18th May 2008
Abbey Internet Banking Online Service

"Dear Abbey National Bank Bankline Internet Banking

Barclays 18th May 2008
Barclays On-line Banking Important Online Banking
Service Message

"Dear The Barclays Electronic Banking client!"

EPPICard 19th May 2008
NOTIFICATION: Account Locked

"Due to too many incorrect login attempts, your account
is locked.

EPPICard 19th May 2008
Official Notification!

"This email is to inform you that your online profile
has been deactivated due to inactivity.

McCoy Federal Credit Union 19th May 2008
Notification From McCoy Federal Credit Union

"You have 1 new ALERT message"

NatWest Bank 19th May 2008
NatWest Bank Electronic Banking Urgent Mail About Your
Banking -- ref: 574

"Our Technical Unit is performing a planned Internet
Banking software update

Bank of America 19th May 2008
Important Online Service Agreement Review

"Bank of America Online Banking is constantly striving
to provide you with more convenience, control, and
security to assist in managing your finances.

Abbey 19th May 2008
Abbey National Bankline: Please Verify Your Password

"Dear Abbey Bankline member!"

Natwest Bank 20th May 2008
Important Online Service Notification From Natwest Bank
OnLine Banking

"Our Maintenance Department is carrying out a planned
Internet Banking software update

Halifax 20th May 2008
Halifax Online Banking Update Alert

"Due to recent upgrade in our security system all Online
Banking users are required to update their account
online for more secured Internet Banking.

EPPICard 20th May 2008
Security Notice.

"We recently noticed one or more attempts to log in your
EPPICard account from a foreign IP address and we have
reasons to believe that your account was hijacked by a
third party without your authorization.

Lloyds TSB Bank 20th May 2008
Notification : Database Error-Critical Account Reset

"Security Message - Important System Notification"

Halifax 20th May 2008
Halifax Online Service Team Account Re-Upgrade

"You have 1 important unread message waiting in your
inbox folder.

EPPICard 20th May 2008
Important Customer Information

"New Login Procedure!"

EPPICard 21st May 2008
Dear EPPICard client,

"We recently reviewed your account, and we suspect an
unauthorized ATM based transaction on your account.

Abbey 21st May 2008
Important Notice

"Our recent review of your account shows that your
account has been targeted for series of fraudlent
transactions, for this reason we've place your account
on the restricted status and might further lead to
total access suspension and freezing of your account if
your identity is not verified withing the next 24hrs

Bank of Queensland 21st May 2008
Bank of Queensland: Online Banking activation

"Bank of Queensland is committed to safeguarding
customer information and combating fraud.

RBS 21st May 2008
Urgent : Update Your Online Account

"Click here to login to effect the update and keep your
account secure

NatWest 21st May 2008
NatWest Online Banking Account Status Notification

"Due to multiple login attempt error while login in to
your online Banking Account, We believe that someone
other than you is trying to access your account

Natwest 21st May 2008
Natwest Internet Banking Please Confirm Your Data!

"Dear NatWest Private and Business Banking user!"

RBS 22nd May 2008
Service Availability -Re-activate your Digital Banking

"Access To Your Account Is Currently Unavailable ."

Lloyds TSB Bank 22nd May 2008
Online Lloyds TSB Security Message

"Online User Notification"

Natwest 22nd May 2008
Urgent Security Alert

"It has come to our attention that your Natwest® account
information needs to be updated as part of our
continuing commitment to protect your account and to
reduce the instance of fraud on our website.

Natwest 22nd May 2008
Protect Your Security Details From Info Bandits

"Recently, we notified you to guard against info bandits
by migrating to the secure part of our banking system
but we did not receive any response from you.

EPPIcard 22nd May 2008
The safe and secure way to access your payments!

"Your EPPIcard account has expired."

NatWest 22nd May 2008
NatWest Online Banking Account Status Notification

"Natwest Bank Plc."

Halifax Bank 23rd May 2008
Account Protection Update!!!

"Introducing Halifax Security PlusSM"

EPPICard 23rd May 2008
Your Account Access Has Been Limited

"This email is to inform that we had to block your
EPPIcard account because this ip tryed to
change the password of your account 3 times.

EPPICard 23rd May 2008
Account Verification

"As a courtesy to our valued customers, EPPICard conduct
regular account information verification processes.

EPPICard 23rd May 2008
Your account is locked

"Message from: EPPICard Security Center"

NatWest bank 23rd May 2008
Urgent message for NatWest bank client [Thu, 22 May
2008 12:46:51 -0800]

"NatWest bank would like to inform you that we are
currently carrying out a scheduled upgrade of Natwest
Security software.

EPPICard 23rd May 2008
Security Measures!

"Please follow the link below to verify your identity:"

NatWest 24th May 2008
NatWest Internet Banking Client E-mail: Password

"Dear NatWest Bank Private and Business Banking client!"

HSBC Bank 24th May 2008
HSBC Bank Alert : Internet Banking Team Account
Security Notification

"Our Technical services Department are carrying out a
planned software upgrade for the maximum convenience of
the users of online-services of the HSBC Bank.

Google 24th May 2008
Google AdWords Form

"Dear Google AdWords customer!"

Halifax 24th May 2008
Online Access Suspended


AOL 24th May 2008
Update Your Billing Information

"Please review our billing requirements at our secured

eBay 24th May 2008
Question about Item -- Respond Now

"Question from adeliacorp"

RBS 25th May 2008
You have received a new message from RBS

"You have received a new message from RBS"

Natwest Bank 25th May 2008
NatWest On-line Banking Urgent: Verify Your Password -
Code: 567

"Our Technical Unit is doing a planned On-line Banking
software upgrade

RBS 25th May 2008
Royal Bank Of Scotland Online Banking Verification

"We are constantly looking to improve our online

RBS 25th May 2008
Royal Bank of Scotland OnLine Banking Important
Security Notice - ref: 631

"Our Technical Division is running an arranged Internet
Banking Service update

Abbey 25th May 2008
Funds Have Been Transferred To Your Account.

"JAMES McCARTHY made an online funds transfer to your
online account.

Abbey 25th May 2008
Abbey National e-Banking Strongly Recommends --
Code: 846

"Dear Abbey National Bank OnLine Banking customer!"

RBS 26th May 2008
Royal Bank of Scotland Business customer:1 new ALERT

"You have 1 new security message Please login to your
Royal Bank of Scotland business account and visit the
Message Center section in order to read the message.

EPPICard 26th May 2008
Urgent Message from Customer Service #263

"Your EPPICard Account Password may have been

EPPlCard 26th May 2008
Unauthorized Online Account Access Notification
(Message ID MI36846)

"EPPICard Online® Notice Department"

Yahoo! 26th May 2008
Account Alert Notification

"Account Notification !"

Abbey 26th May 2008
Please Confirm Your Abbey National e-Banking Identity

"Dear Abbey Bankline Internet Banking user!"

MoneyBookers 26th May 2008
money received

"Money Received"

ANZ Bank 27th May 2008

"ANZ Bank Online User"

NatWest Bank 27th May 2008
Natwest OnLine Banking: Urgent Email

"Dear NatWest Bank Private and Business Banking

RBS 27th May 2008
RBS - Your RBS Bank Account Is Currently Unavailable

"Your RBS Online Banking Is Unavailable"

Amegy 27th May 2008
New Message from Customer Service (CS)

"Dear Amegy OnlineSM Customer:"

NatWest Bank 27th May 2008
Natwest Personal and Business E-mail Verification

"Dear NatWest Bank On-line Banking user!"

CitiBank 27th May 2008
Restore Your Credit Card Access !

"Online Banking Service"

Abbey 28th May 2008
Abbey National Bank On-line Banking: Account

"Dear Abbey National Personal and Commercial Banking

Egg Bank 28th May 2008
Egg Bank Customer Service Team Account Security

"Online Banking Alert"